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6 Thai fashion designers worth following on Instagram

Where do the most fashionable Bangkokians hang out? Where do they eat? Where do they shop? Who are their best friends? It’s thanks to the wonder of social media that we can find out the answers to these questions. It’s no surprise that some of the best Instagram accounts in Bangkok belong to those who dress the city up themselves. They’re the ones who decide how the city looks. With their in-trend mindset, artistic vision, and passion for the fun and creative side of life, Thai designers are always great inspiration to feature on your daily IG feed. Here are 6 of our favourite Instagram accounts of designers in Bangkok. 


First things first, obviously. The most necessary figure on this list, Vatanika is arguably better known as a social media sensation rather than a fashion designer. Apart from her hit YouTube channel, she also runs a killer Instagram account full of skilfully taken selfies, glowing golden skin, and some incredible curves.


The designer of bold statement brand, Issue, has an equally bold statement Instagram feed. Although, ‘Feed’ may be the wrong word; this account is more like a gallery. All the pictures on his page form an overall artistic layout, perhaps thanks to some meticulously planned posts. Roj posts everything from personal travel pictures to campaign images and artwork, so it’s always kept interesting and unpredictable. Either the photos come in threes, play with exact symmetry, or burst with chaotic colours, but the resulting feed is always a pure joy to look at.


If you had to describe the Instagram account of the eponymous NAGARA in one word, it would be “Wavy”. From showing off wavy prints on his textiles and paintings to slow-mo clips that make you feel a little wavy yourself, Nagara’s account is both beautiful and strangely entertaining. Being a talented cook (he throws extravagant lunch parties for his most loyal customers) and a well-travelled foodie, he also inevitably shares much of his mouth-watering dishes. Unfortunately, sharing them only visually of course.


The creative director of Asava Group pretty much dedicates his account to his label. Or at least to pictures of him working or travelling for his label. It’s a heartwarming account that shows a person really loving what they do. And anyway, we love the pictures of his amazing designs, recently shown at a magnificent show at Shanghai Fashion Week. Also to be appreciated are the pictures of him in designer action, giving us a sneak peek behind the scenes of the making of Asava’s gorgeous pieces.


You can almost feel the ruffles from the Instagram account of the woman behind iconic Thai womenswear label, Disaya. Full of colour, prints, and pretty dresses, it’s definitely an account that can pick you up when you feel down. What’s more, she doesn’t just post pictures of her own creations. The true fashion lover shares pictures of anything stylish that she comes across and loves. It’s like a fashion blog run by an actual fashion designer – we totally approve.


One half of the creative team behind Vickteerut, Pang Sudhinaraset feeds us with unbelievable travel photos through her ‘gram. It seems she takes her artistic eye for model campaigns and fashion photography with her when she tours the globe. Recently in the Gondwana Game Reserve in South Africa, this designer’s photos have all the colours, clarity, and aesthetic set-ups to make us swoon and drool with wanderlust (and, of course, a tinge of envy).

6 Thai fashion designers worth following on Instagram

Karn Chatikavanij

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A globetrotter with a love for sushi and Miu Miu, Karn is a fan of all things upbeat, delicious, and well-dressed. Her frequent activities include packing for beach trips, listening to 80s music, and trying to make daytime pyjamas happen.

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