There’s no question that face masks are here to stay. But since the early days of standard cotton masks and – dare we mention them – the dreaded pale blue disposable surgical masks, these protective coverings have been given many a makeover by fashion designers everywhere. Now, the options are endless.

Face masks have become staple style accessories in themselves. They’re another key aspect of every outfit to get right. With every fashion designer and label creating their own versions of this single most trending fashion accessory, we now have a whole lot of designer face masks offering super stylish ways to shield up. Here, we’ve rounded up just a few of our favourite designer face masks. We’d probably be wearing these even if there wasn’t a pandemic.

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Dolce and Gabbana’s signature combo of leopard print and florals creates a glamorous and sassy look for a face mask. This’ll immediately dress up and make any simple outfit much more interesting – perfect for when you need an instant touch up for a quick outing.

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Our favourite woven knits are now available in mask form. Soft on the face, the subtle shimmer on the colourful yarns also gives you a natural glow boost, reflecting on your skin for instant radiance.

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We can always rely on Virgil Abloh’s designer face masks to be just a little bit different. If you’re getting bored of the usuals, try this black and white floral bandana instead. Made of soft chiffon, this feels like having a luxurious scarf to protect your face. A great balance of delicate femininity and badass ninja vibes.

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The most adorable cotton floral mask set for a sweet girl-next-door look. Easy to wash, and easy to style, these come in many different colours and designs to get you in a good summer mood (despite still having to shield yourself from Covid – but hey, at least now you can do it in style!). 

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Ever wish your face mask could be as silky, sexy, and lacy as your underwear? Probably not. But now that we’ve seen La Perla’s lingerie-inspired face mask, we’re absolutely obsessed with the idea. Using their high quality silks means their masks are much softer, cleaner, and more stylish than any standard mask. 

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For perhaps the most extra of all designer face masks, splash out on Fendi’s seriously chic and indulgent version of a face mask. Coming in its own adorable pink pouch, the satin face mask is fitted with an oversized black bow that doubles as a real statement hair accessory. We’d want this even if there wasn’t a pandemic. 

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A super adorable LV Friends monogram mask that comes with a bandana and a pouch. It’s easily washable and comes with extra long ties for more styling options. Cover up, stay strong, and take your Vuittamins.

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