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7 sustainable Thai fashion brands making eco the new black

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the huge impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. Particularly with fast-fashion, where mass productions of clothing uses an incredibly high amount of water and energy and results in tonnes of waste, the fashion industry has the second biggest role in pollution and climate change. That’s why, right now, so many of us in Thailand are turning away from these mainstream fast-fashion brands and seeking out cooler, more unique, and more sustainable Thai fashion brands whenever we need a wardrobe refresh.

By definition, sustainable Thai fashion brands tend to be smaller and produce new items less frequently, all of which can make them a little harder to find. Nevertheless, here we’ve sought out some of the country’s coolest, most stylish labels that show a much more eco-conscious way of making fashion happen. From handmade knits to upcycled sneakers, there are hundreds of darling gems out there to be discovered – all created without damaging the planet. Check out our round-up of some of the coolest, stylish sustainable Thai fashion brands that are currently making eco the new black.

[Hero Image Credit: Sasi Knits]

Image Credit: Molivien


Youthful, colourful, and chic, this clothing label uses upcycled and deadstock materials to create their collections. From comfy co-ord denim sets to Hawaiian print straight leg pants, there’s a wide range of super cute pieces to shop – all while knowing that they’ve been made using a zero-waste process. It’s the perfect alternative to fast-fashion, since you still get all the styles you love at similar prices, just without the environmental impact.

sustainable Thai fashion brands
Image Credit: Madmatter Studio

Madmatter Studio

Sleek, versatile lifestyle pieces made from waste textiles are what you’ll find with Madmatter Studio, a casual lifestyle brand with a genuine passion to use the most eco-friendly practices as possible. The comfy, elegant, minimalist designs might make you feel as though the fabrics are brand new – but this is simply the magic of transformation that Madmatter has fine tuned perfectly. 

sustainable Thai fashion brands
Image Credit: Sasi Knits

Sasi Knits

Made-to-order is one of the best ways a clothing brand can make sure they’re reducing their waste and environmental impact. Hi Sasi’s hand-knitted, made-to-order tops are possibly the hottest handmade style items right now, with every Bangkok cool cat having at least one in their wardrobe. Playfully named after different noodle types, like ‘Sen Lek’ or ‘Gray Jub’, these knits can come in whatever your preferred street-cart order may be.

sustainable Thai fashion brands
Image Credit: Museum of Everything Jinglebells

Museum of Everything Jinglebell

Shopping resale fashion is another great way to shop sustainably. Whether it’s secondhand or vintage, Museum of Everything Jinglebell is a resale fashion store that includes more Thai designer labels as well as international brands, indie brands, and upcycled pieces in their stock. This store gives you the perfect way to shop locally, circularly, and sustainably.

sustainable Thai fashion brands
Image Credit: Taktai


One of the most well-known sustainable Thai fashion brands, Taktai (meaning “say hi” in Thai) uses their own original unique bamboo fibre blended with cotton and rayon to create their incredibly smooth, shiny, and soft fabric. With minimal designs in earth tones and chic modern cuts, their clothing makes us want to curl up at home on the sofa all day.

sustainable Thai fashion brands
Image Credit: Maddy Hopper

Maddy Hopper

Only recently launched, here’s a creative new brand making and designing sneakers out of recycled plastic bottle canvas. The artsy and modern styles make them perfect wardrobe staples, the kind of everyday sneakers that will go well with any outfit, any day. What we love most, though, is that they’re super comfy inside.

Image Credit: Sue Loves Everyday

Sue Loves Everyday

Started by an independent creator, Sue offers an eclectic, playful, colourful mix of crocheted items and prints on their silk pieces. The incredibly cute crochet items, such as orchid-coloured purses with silk straps, are all handmade. Meanwhile the silk pants, tops, and wrap skirts are printed with their own unique designs – everything from cats to paisley – all made with 100% natural fibres. Handmade designs, eco-friendly fabrics, and a vibrant attitude about it makes Sue one of the coolest sustainable Thai fashion brands right now. 

7 sustainable Thai fashion brands making eco the new black

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