There’s something quite adventurous about going on a spontaneous weekend trip. It’s like a holiday without the serious commitment. You’re only going for a night or two. You only need to pack a thing or three. And there’s no time to worry about an itinerary, vacation leave, or turning off the coffee machine. In fact, a weekend trip is almost comparable to a cheat meal after a week of hardcore diets. It’s a sweet, short, treat.

Accompanying this sweet treat like a praline to a glass of wine, many luxury leather and travel luggage brands have responded to the rise in weekend getaways by designing bags made specifically for the trip. Saving us the stress of overpacking and bearing a romantic air of whisking up anything you need and heading out with the wind in your hair, weekender bags have come up as a sturdy yet stylish solution to propel us into holiday mode.

They call themselves ‘duffles’, ‘hold-alls’, or ‘keep-alls’, because indeed, this is what they do. They fit into the overhead compartment of a plane, on the front seat of a taxi, and casually over our shoulders. And they’re practical, and yet pretty. Whether you’re looking to yoga it out at a secret retreat in the mountains, or stick a sun-kissed nose into a book by the beach, we’ve put together a list of our favourite weekender bags of the minute. From retro-style leather to bubbly embroidery, consider it your snazzy excuse to get booking this weekend.

Featured image credit: Ted Baker; Hero image credit: Gucci