Welcome to the laid-back luxury of wearing denim.

Denim is denim. There’s no alternative to this style, and that’s why it is considered to be evergreen. With denim, we know that there’s no way we could go out of fashion and it simply keeps coming back in new avatars. The fascination for denim runs in the entire fashion ecosystem, and it is indeed, an absolute must-have in your wardrobe.

If you are anything like us, having that one pair of ‘just right’ jeans can really make your day. But, if you are not a jeans person, there are so many other ways to flaunt this material. After all, that’s what makes it so versatile, because it’s not limited to the classic blue colour or fit. The best part? There’s no rules for denim — you can pair it with everything. From denim jean jackets to all-denim skirts, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest ways to triumph this stylish ensemble. When in doubt, you sure got to wear denim.

[Hero & Featured Image Credit: Nick Karvounis/Unsplash]

Valentino Ruffled denim jacket

We all need that classic denim jacket in our wardrobe. The Italian house takes a romantic approach to the classic denim jacket with a relaxed fit cut and fluted cuffs that give it a dainty feeling. Keeping it modern with a fresh appeal, this jacket gives that not-trying-too-hard-to-dress-up look that is perfect for your casual outings.

Price: Approx. THB 56,599

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Ganni straight-leg studded denim jeans

Wearing these denim jeans may make you feel like you have great genes. Jokes apart, this pair of straight-leg studded denim jeans from Ganni is quite a standout because it gives the classic blue jeans a stunning makeover. Subtly stylish and yet not so over-the-top, this pair of jeans can perfectly blend in with your short crop tops or long hoodies.

Price: Approx. 14,308

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Versace embroidered denim shorts

There’s something innately dressed-up about darker denim hues. Embracing the floral print look, Versace’s shorts embroidered with intricate rose motifs boast an iconic look for the season. This black denim short sits high on the waist keeping it casually cool yet so sophisticated. Pair it up with knee-high boots or low-top sneakers — either way, you’ll look really cool.

Price: Approx. THB 31,458

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Off-White high waist denim skirt

A cool denim skirt is a timeless piece that is not to be mistaken as ordinary. It’s the look that makes you want to dress up every once in a while to feel — dare we say it — young again. This Off-White high wasted denim skirt will never turn its back on you because it’s here to stay — and it’s going to be your favourite piece of clothing even ten years from now. That’s the power of a denim skirt, and this one truly strikes all the right cords with its stylish look. Pair it up with a plain white t-shirt with sneakers or keep it vivid with a floral print and high heels — either way you will rock the look.

Price: Approx. THB 15,618

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Givency Embroidered tie-dyed denim jacket

Given that tie-dyed fashion has made a major comeback and that it’s been a regular inclusion in our wardrobes now, it’s essential to have at least one piece of tie-dyed denim in your closet. Whilst this jacket from Givenchy is not ultra-colourful, it rather boasts the graduated shades of grey and white in a subtle way to create that low-key street style vibe — and that’s what we love about it. The brand’s logo has been embroidered at the chest and it has a slightly loose fit to it that adds that dose of swag we need to rock our day.

Price: Approx. THB 43,643

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Dolce & Gabbana off-the-shoulder denim top

Now, who doesn’t love flaunting their collar bones with a sexy off-the-shoulder top? And in denim? Perfect. Keeping away the signature floral designs and bright colours, Dolce & Gabbana comes back to the timeless essential to bless our wardrobe with a new summer staple. We love the riddle trimming and frayed edges that gives it a fancy look and makes it look so chic. You might just fall in love with denim all over again.

Price: Approx. THB 39,952

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Chanel fringed denim shoulder bag

As much as we love wearing denim, we are also intrigued by denim-print accessories that really adopt the textile in the most stylish way. Chanel’s fringed denim shoulder bag is the perfect way to carry elegance and sophistication in a low-key way. Featuring a twist-lock closure and a chain shoulder, this bag is an absolute fit to carry all your essentials this summer. And, whether you style it with denim or non-denim attire, it still stands out and looks gorgeous.

Price: Approx. THB 360,537

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Philipp Plein art 5 graffiti boyfriend jeans

Could we really complete our roundup without the ever-so-trendy street style jeans? Philipp Plein’s graffiti patterned boyfriend jeans are the ultimate ensemble of flaunting a pair of jeans in its edgiest form. Featuring a waistband with belt loops and five-pocket design, as well as rhinestone embellishment, its stonewashed effect makes this one a chic one for the season. Ripped or non-ripped, these boyfriend jeans are a relatively new fashion statement that has been making rounds in the scene, and we couldn’t miss it out now, could we?

Price: Approx. THB 45,044

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