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90s shoe trends that are back in style in 2021

The ’90s are trending again and we couldn’t be more excited.

With fashion magazines like Vogue even featuring the ’90s trend on their covers, we know the decade of the heroine chic is back. Trends like chunky dad sneakers or heeled thong sandals are gracing the runways again, and we cannot wait to incorporate them into our outfits. Pair your heeled thong sandals with a cute sundress or pair your platformed shoes with some wide-legged pants. Elevate your outfits with these ’90s shoes that are making a splash again in 2021.

[Hero Image Credit: The Parsely Market; Feature Image Credit: Plush Studios via Instagram]


Heeled thong sandals were a hit of the 90s and we’re glad it’s making a comeback. These are a must-have for your day at the beach or to pair with your flowy outfits. They’re versatile enough to pair with a casual dress or something a little more dressed up. Decorate the straps with rhinestones, or even keep it a classic black. No matter what colour you have on, express your creativity with a pair of these sandals.

[Image Credit: The Parsley Market via Instagram]

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Remember those chunky sneakers you saw in the 90s exercise videos? They’re making a comeback and we can’t be happier. Pair these sneakers with oversized clothing to complete the look. From FILA to Balenciaga, many iconic brands are bringing back this trend and we hope they’re here to stay this time. Not only do they make you look taller, but they will also elevate your style. These are another must-have in your closet.

[Image Credit: FILA Thailand via Instagram]

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What exactly are cake stand heels anyway? As the name suggests, the heels flare out like the bottom of a cake stand. Since celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna were seen rocking them last summer, it is safe to say they are back on the runway. These statement shoes are sure to make your outfits stand out with a simple yet extravagant heel.

[Image Credit: Jemmidoris via Instagram]

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Platformed Shoes

Made popular by the Spice Girls, these are the shoes we want to rock this summer. They are perfect to pair with bootlegged jeans or even dresses. The best thing about this trend coming back in 2021 is that they’re available in more colourful options than they were back in the 90s. They’ll elongate your legs whether you’re pairing them with shorts or high-waisted long pants.

[Image Credit: Jemmidoris via Instagram]


The squared toes heels have never been out of the scene, but this 90s trend is back in full force this year. With comfortability coming back as our number one priority post lockdown, these shoes are sure to keep you comfortable. Pair it with any style of pants, any colour, you can always stand out with these heels.  It will make your outfit trendy yet it will keep you comfortable at the same time.

[Image Credit: Plush Studios via Pomelo]

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adidas Superstars have always been in the scenes but in recent years sneakers have been gaining more popularity. Superstars have been put at the forefront of this sneaker’s movement. It is one of the classics of sneaker culture and we are definitely not disappointed to have it back. With the classic three stripes and the classic shell toes, they are easy to pair with any outfit. There are multiple colours to choose from, there is a pair that’s perfect for you.

[Image Credit: adidas via Instagram]

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Strappy anklet heels or sandals were the epitome of fashion in the 90s. With all the big-name celebrities wearing them as they go for a stroll or even as they walk down the red carpet. We are glad to see it come back in trend this year. They can be dressed up and dressed down depending on how you’re dressed. These versatile pairs of shoes are perfect for any occasion.

[Image Credit: Starkela via Pomelo]

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