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A first look at Asv’s new playful collection for Autumn/Winter 2020

Asv brings us a dose of self-expression that is the heart and soul of this new whimsical collection. 

Asv, a more millennial-oriented selection by “Moo” Polpat Asavapraha, the designer and founder of Asava Group, just dropped his latest collection. The Asv Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is an ode to different personalities of women — from being feminine and playful, to having that masculine side. Presented through the medium of photo portraits, just like portraits are one of the many forms of self-expression, clothing too, is a reflection of one’s personality — and these impressions have been imbued into the roots of the new Asv Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection.


Adapting to offer ideal everyday wear, Asv’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection features the brand’s signature silhouettes that bring a blend of modern design, relaxed silhouettes, and sportswear elements. Think, one-shoulder tops, pajamas, ponchos, knitwear, and even fit and flare dresses. Their signature combination — a cropped jacket paired with culottes, coupled with the American preppy rugby shirt — has been revamped to give us a more feminine shape. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already set your eyes and have started taking a mental note of your wishlist. Because who doesn’t love that pastel blue dress with pockets?

Details and Techniques

Emphasising dynamic patterns, Asv combines the constructing elements to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. The detail and techniques help shape all the required elements for the collection — women’s diverse mix of style with mash-ups of masculinity and femininity, modern clean lines, and playful elements. They have also incorporated the brand’s signature details like an elastic belt with a gold button, and a grosgrain ribbon trimming along with the features. The key technique throughout the collection is colour blocking and draping, along with sequin embroidery work. To elevate your everyday essentials, these techniques have been applied to basic items to add a little vibrancy to an everyday look.

Fabrics and Colours

We love that the fabric is so eye-pleasing and comfortable. Given that it’s presented as a relaxed loungewear collection, the collection utilises a range of relaxed fabrics, signature striped fabric in different sizes, and even feminine floral printed fabric and knitted fabric. The prominent characteristic of Asv women has been exhibited through a fresh colour palette that includes hues like white, black, beige, navy, brown, and even olive green. We also have a scatter of pastel and vibrant colours like lemon green, fuchsia rose, and dusk blue, to add that playful spirit to the collection. 

A Sneak Peek


The Asv Autumn/Winter Collection is now available to shop at 1st Floor, Siam Paragon, 1st Floor at The Emporium Department Store, 2nd Floor THAI THAI Zone at Central Chidlom, 2nd Floor Central at Central World, and Asava Group Flagship Store at Sukhumvit 45. For online shoppers, head to www.asavagroup.com or Line: @asavagroup.

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