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Bally pledges a two-year preservation plan to make the mountains cleaner

Sure, a global pandemic is kind of a big deal right now, and yet Bally reminds us that there are still other pressing issues that demand our attention.

CoViD-19 might have put everyone’s plans on hold, but it sadly makes no impact at all when it comes to stopping our global crisis on the environmental front. That’s why Bally isn’t hesitating for even a second to map out its mountain preservation agenda.

Born in the Swiss Alps, Bally has a brand DNA that’s deeply entrenched in the majesty of the iconic (often snow-capped) mountains. Not only has the brand sponsored climbing expeditions and alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics over the years, but they’re also famously known for creating the iconic reindeer boots Tenzing Norgay wore in 1953, during the first-ever successful summit of Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary.

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The debut expedition of the Bally Peak Outlook Initiative resulted in the removal of two tonnes of waste from Mount Everest, with over half collected within the “Death Zone,” reaching the summit at 8,848 meters.

Following last year’s launch of the Bally Peak Outlook Initiative that included an inaugural cleanup mission of Mount Everest from base camp to the peak, the brand is reinforcing the company’s commitment towards mountain preservation with the launch of Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, along with the release of a two-year schedule.

“A year ago we made a pledge to protect the world’s mountains, launching Bally Peak Outlook with an inaugural clean-up on Mount Everest,” said Nicolas Girotto, CEO at Bally. “Leveraging Bally’s Alpine heritage and deep connection to these extreme environments, I am proud to announce the establishment of the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation. This commitment reinforces our extensive program of preservation expeditions, and aims to bring awareness to the impact of outdoor tourism and empowering local communities. This is a long-term mission and we are only just getting started.”

Over the next two years, the brand is committing to cleaning up the basecamps of eight 8-kilometre-high Himalayan mountains, including Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Oyu, Mount Dhaulagiri I, Mount Manaslu, Mount Annapurna I, and, of course, Mount Everest. Japan’s Mount Fuji is also included in the goal as the ninth mountain in its pledge.

Starting this fall, the brand is planning to start by conducting a high-altitude climb to remove waste from the inaccessible areas of Mount Fuji. Next year, the expedition will take the team to Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, targeting local environmental issues and offering support to local rangers to build new trails to provide more sustainable access to the summit.

To raise greater awareness to the cause, Bally also partnered up with National Geographic this summer for a special campaign, commemorating Mount Everest as “The Roof of the World.” Come November, you’ll see the launch of a Bally Peak Outlook capsule collection, with 100 percent of proceeds going to future conservation projects.

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