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The best designer sporting accessories for a stylish home workout

Whether you’re working from home or not, there’s no denying it’s hard to get up and out and actually work out these days. 

The PM 2.5 is awful. The weather is weirdly (also wonderfully) chilly. And after all the buzz of the festive season and all the great stuff on Netflix, it’s really nice to stay home right now. 

But this isn’t a piece on bundling up and staying in. In fact, it’s a reminder to not make ‘Quitter’s Day’ (historically the second Friday of January according to exercise tracking app, Strava) a reality, and give this good-for-you habit another try. After all, wasn’t 2021 is the sworn-in year of difference? Full of promises, reinvention and change? If it’s not new activewear or a new online workout program that will get you moving, then perhaps new sporting gear, the luxury kind, that will do the trick to making this tedious, most-arduous routine that much more achievable and fulfilling.

[Hero and featured image courtesy of Tiffany & Co.]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

So you’ve pledged to start skipping 10 minutes a day after learning about it being almost equivalent to 30 minutes of running. Low-effort, high-results; seems fairly doable, 10 minutes doesn’t seem too long, does it? In a world of choice, there’s a rope for everyone. Ones which light up or one that will count your rep as you jump. For the sake of this article, we’ll be picking this Louis Vuitton edition. Grab ahold of the monogrammed grips and the rest comes easy. We reckon the rush of excitement from using this luxe, high-fashion rope will be motivation enough to get you through the minutes.

Meditative mornings, refreshing Vinyasa flow, a tricky inversion; those who are adding mindful yoga sessions to workout goals should consider this Prada yoga mat (but close your eyes when you get to the price tag). All and everything you’d expect a yoga mat needs to be —  lightweight, comfortable grip, hypnotic pattern — it’s also the kind of accessory that will definitely hold your commitment and make you show up (just consider the price tag again – how can you give up?). While holding for Baksana may not feel any easier, as any good sportsmans would say: having great equipment is half the battle. And that’s exactly what this yoga mat can argue to be: good equipment.

Becoming the next Serena Williams may only be a pipe dream for many; but still one can dream, and if being named one of the sporting world’s greatest is near-impossible then perhaps recognition as one of the most trendiest on the court will suffice. Saint Laurent’s tennis racquet is your answer. A collaboration created with Wilson, the black-and-white checkered, carbon-fibre racquet will be paramount to playing to your advantage and scoring aces through the match. Second thought, the Saint Laurent x Wilson tennis balls will probably be of use too, if not serve as a darling designer memento.

If a good ol’ squat and lift is your kind of workout, then this Versace 10kg kettlebell is the luxury sporting choice for you. An accessory that evidently speaks for itself, this designer version of a weighted mound is nothing out of the ordinary, not covered in jewels nor plated with gold. Instead it is most unassuming and as atypical as a kettlebell can be, possible even earning ‘most reasonable’ on this list. The only difference that sets this piece apart? A raised Medusa motif moulded at the front and roof-raising price tag. If you do desire to make it known of your newly purchased Versace weight, hauling it out of your house by the handles and on the streets enroute outdoor circuits will be a workout well worth it in itself.

Picking up table tennis is not often one’s first choice of sport, even during lockdown, but the mini interval runs back and forth along the table and a perpetual half-squat stance must pay off for something. If not, these Tiffany & Co. ping pong paddles most certainly will. Beautifully hand-carved from rich American walnut, they’re encased in a full-grained leather panels on both sides, including one in the signature shade of Tiffany blue. Stamped and trademarked with sterling silver plaques at the stem, these appear more of a collectible than it does sporting equipment. Should the price tag feel not entirely warranted, perhaps the three adorably branded ping pong balls that accompany it may help win you over.

Among other things, 2020 brought back the free-spirited, vivacious sport of roller dancing. If Instagram feeds are anything to go by, there’s probably already a glitter-dusted pair hanging at your doorway. But if you’ve missed that wave and are considering dabbling in a bit of roller fun, Hermes’ pair is a non-committal trial, albeit a hefty price tag. An ingenious two-in-one design with a white leather high-top sneaker and maplewood-platformed skates, these are easy fun and as practical as they are comfortable — just slip on the shoe mid-commute and snap the wheels back on when arriving to the skate track.

7 /7

Dior x Bogarde BMX bike

Since 2017, Dior has launched very, very limited edition bikes with BMX manufacturer Bogarde. Within the archives, there is a certain gold-plated bike with only 100 in production and the latest creation, launched in 2019, dressed in pristine white except for the iconic Dior oblique pattern sleeved upon the bar handle and top tube. With only 150 models made, if you managed to get your hands on one, good on you. Mountain trails, city streets, unexplored routes, these are the exact wheels that will initiate new adventures, turn heads, tempt photoshoots all in the same step. Sounds like a sport for you? Best try your luck on preloved sites then. 

Lorria Sahmet
After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her cosied up at home skimming through Netflix or nurturing baby plants in her indoor greenhouse. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.
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