Happy Autumn! Known for its many festivities, ever-changing weather, and burst of new fashion collections, this season is a super fun one when it comes to style. And as eternally hot as Bangkok is, we were glad to see many of our fashionistas embracing the AW19 spirit in full. Our favourite autumn looks this month were classic, cosy, wholesome, and still very much in Bangkok fashion. What’s more, we’ve also noticed a strong colour palette going around this October: baby pinks, baby blues, and light earth tones. Don’t you just love it when the whole city comes together in sartorial telepathy? Light, fresh, and new — here are our favourite autumn outfits from Bangkokians this month.

[Hero and Feature image: Instagram @katheryn_lee.]


Katheryn Lee

Always sweet, always smiley, our favourite beauty and travel blogger has been flying high in more ways than one. As she jet-sets to her multiple destinations, we wonder how her suitcase can always manage to fit in so many gorgeous outfits. This month, we’ve especially loved her fun casual outfits, very much with a Bangkok fashion aesthetic. They remind us that looking good can actually also mean feeling comfortable and free to move. Katheryn is constantly mixing and matching up glamour and fun, like a shimmering powder pink blouse with a canvas bucket hat. It’s our favourite kind of combo.


Baifern Luevisadpaibul

If you’re really tall and slender, you kind of have a moral obligation to wear maxi boho dresses. The long sleeve, long length look seems to only work on the long-armed and long-legged – and Baifern has taken full advantage of this. What we like about Baifern’s style is that her own innately elegant air somehow manages to elevate any piece she wears to more sophisticated heights (quite literally, too). A vintage-style autumn floral dress (yes, maxi) doesn’t look gypsy-esque or unpolished on her. Rather, it looks mature, refined, and even a little bit bling. A tall feat indeed.


Benz Monchanok

Pink! Raincoats! Everyday! Rainy October can be a lot of fun if you’ve got the right wardrobe for it, and Benz most definitely, certainly, surely does have the right wardrobe for it. We all know that clear PVC has reigned strong as a trend this year, but when it’s matched with a great outfit to show off underneath, it works even more wonders. We also love that Benz proves autumn isn’t all about oranges, greys, and blacks – bring over that summer pink to the season and you’ll be amazed how grateful your witnesses will be.



Linn Mashannoad

Linn’s style is what we’d describe as truly “classic with a twist”. She’s got all the basics covered – denim jackets, leopard print tops, midi-skirts and cardigans. But then, she wears them and her edgy cool look transforms these pieces into a whole new realm of cutting edge high fashion. Riding a motorcycle in double denim and chunky Doc Marts might even sound like a bit of an Americana cliché, but Linn makes it all her own it-girl Bangkok fashion affair. Even the helmet looks like it’s probably part of the designer outfit.




They say funny guys don’t have good style, but that’s so clearly not the case with Alek Teeradech. Even when pulling his classic funny faces and making jokes with fans, Alek’s always serving looks as well as laughs. For one thing, he’s got a great jacket collection – something that’s highly valuable as we approach into the holiday season. From Diesel denims to Daks London trenches to Louis Vuitton suedes, the (fantastic) list of Alek’s autumn pieces goes on. Guys, if you’re looking for some of the best autumn style inspiration this year, we’d advise taking a leaf out of Alek’s lookbook.


Karn Chatikavanij
Style Writer
A globetrotter with a love for sushi and Miu Miu, Karn is a fan of all things upbeat, delicious, and well-dressed. Her frequent activities include packing for beach trips, listening to 80s music, and trying to make daytime pyjamas happen.