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Best Dressed in Bangkok: September 2019

It’s been a busy month for Bangkok’s fashion set. Along with all the Fall/Winter 2019 collections landing in stores, we’ve also had a storm of events to dress us up: from Janesuda’s fashion show in Chiang Mai to all the international fashion weeks. Naturally, September was always going to be a tough month to decide on who was the best dressed in town. The first month of autumn brings with it a whole new way of dressing. Those who have made our list this month are those who have both embraced the theme and style trends of autumn, whilst also stepping up to the high-fashion spirit of September. So, for some top-class autumn style inspiration, look no further than our list of the best dressed Bangkokians this month.

[Hero and feature image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m] 

Thanaerng Kanyawee Songmuang


We’ve long loved the boyish charm of Thanaerng’s style. But this month, she’s been delighting us even more by styling her signature androgynous pieces into more feminine chic outfits. Her sporty looks manage to look both cute and glamorous — all with expert mixing of accessories and materials. She’s also a master colour co-ordinator, even when dealing with autumn’s trickiest colours; pairing a bold orange performance coat with an elegant Burberry bag must take some measure of styling genius.

Baitoei Zuvapit


Baitoei is the epitome of the free-spirited travelling girl, and we often look to her for style inspiration on the best holiday and resort outfits. Finding her best looks in the outfits that are not only comfortable and stylish, but that also inspire a bit of wanderlust — Baitoei is our style and travel guide this month. We’ll now be adding this Janesuda dress to our shopping list and hopping on a flight to Chiang Mai.

Violette Wautier


Known more for her lovely singing voice, Violette’s style is often left out of the limelight. True, the singer herself isn’t one to seek much visual attention. But that’s partly why we love her style — it’s underplayed, low-key, casual, and genuine. She’s the kind of dresser who would probably be wearing the coolest outfit while just chilling at home, not dressing up to impress anybody. She often goes for casual romantic looks, and we’ve been obsessing over her co-ordinated red hearts Sretsis outfit ever since we spotted it earlier this month. And yes, she was wearing it while just chilling casually at home on the sofa.

Park Parknarok


It’s easy to see why Park has such a loyal following on his lifestyle blog. The man exudes that cultivated, well-mannered, courteous gentleman vibe — and his fashion sense has a lot to do with it. Never failing to have the perfect shirt, jacket, and trousers combination for every occasion and colour code, Park can be considered a one-man lookbook for any guy needing some day-to-night style inspiration.

Lisa Manoban


Multi-talented, multi-national, and multi-lingual — Lisa gets multi-style points this season for some of the most badass looks we’ve seen from her in a while. As Blackpink’s main dancer, she often keeps her outfits moveable, dynamic, and with a little touch of pizazz. We love her frequent combination of tough looking combat boots with more of her girly tops — such as this fabulous sparkly drape-sleeved top. But being K-pop royalty also means always having on-point makeup, and Lisa never disappoints with her makeup looks which always co-ordinate with her outfits. It’s certainly a feat few of us have the ability (not least the time and effort level) to achieve.

Karn Chatikavanij
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