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Best Dressed in Bangkok: April 2019

A highly festive month can only mean a highly fashionable month. With Songkran celebrations being the highlight of every April in Thailand, Bangkok has been blossoming with bold florals, all-out colours, and, well, anything that might help combat this heat.

And speaking of the scorching temperatures, some of us have also used the holiday season to get away from the boiling pot that is currently Bangkok. Yet whether it was a glamorous trip to Shanghai Fashion Week or a great escape to the kinder climates in Europe, Bangkokians never fail to take their style game wherever they go. Sporting outfits that ranged from sugar sweet to super extra, here are our choices for Best Dressed for April 2019.

[Hero image: @paloyh Instagram. Feature image: @panginaheals Instagram.]

Ploi Horwang

Chill, bold, and rock-and-roll: these are words that spring to mind when we think of Ploi and her style. You can tell the actress/singer/DJ has a passion for fashion because she’s got a whole Instagram account dedicated to style. Of course, it also shows in the way she experiments with inventive combos. She nailed the Songkran ensemble with a clash of floral prints and boy shorts that amplified the tropical vibe. The PVC Versace sandals were also a water-resistant style winner. Ploi’s got a knack for shoes: clunky lace-ups teamed up with white tube socks add boyish mischief to her pink Fendi Baguette. Meanwhile, black feather heels add animal glamour to her safari chic. Some of her combinations may seem risky, but as her lime green dip-dye suggests, Ploi knows she can get away with anything.

Orawan Setabandhu

We admit it’s kind of a no-brainer to pick Orawan Setabandhu as one of our Best Dressed this month. The fashionista and entrepreneur has literally been awarded for having one of the best wardrobes in all of Asia. But, unlike most other well-dressed icons, Orawan is always switching up her style. She could be chilling in a rock chick’s leather jacket with silver trousers one day and still look just as impeccable in a Romantic white lace jumpsuit the next day. The key to Orawan’s fashion expertise is that she’s best dressed whatever the style cue. But that’s not to say she doesn’t have personal style signifiers. You can always recognise an Orawan outfit by its blend of youthful freshness and classic charm. Take the one she wore on a spring retreat to London for example: the hooded tweed dress paired with high-tops is a perfect combination of cool-girl athleisure and English classiness. What we love most about Orawan’s style is that there’s no way of ever predicting what she’s going to wear next. All you know is that it’s going to look really, really good.

Bhubawit Kritpholnara

The king of bold print, Issue Thailand’s designer is Bangkok’s ultimate eye-catcher. Often contrasting his own vibrant patterns against plainer pieces such as a pair of simple brown chinos or a sleek black dinner suit, Roj’s style is both daring and natural. Most of all, it’s singularly his. Even without the radiance of colours from his clothes, it would still be easy to spot him in a crowd. His permanently fedora-clad silhouette may be criticised as a sign of a one-trick pony, but we personally have no *issue* with the fact that he’s made it simply iconic.

Onchuma Durongdej

Few others have worn the spring-favourite sorbet pink as sweetly – and sharply – as Onchuma. Whether it was a vibrant raspberry blazer or a total look in monochrome pastel pink, there’s always a blend of workaday and dreaminess in her style. We also love the very slight hipster undertones of the brown square-tiled summer suit which features a waistcoat with matching trousers. Onchuma characteristically sweetens the suit a little bit with a Calvin Klein scarf blouse and the prettiest pair of sandal heels we’ve ever seen (yes, that is a silver heart on the ankle!). Always putting a little sweetener in even her business-facing outfits, Onchuma is great style inspiration for any modern woman.

Pangina Heals

No words can really do justice to the pictures when it comes to Pangina Heals’s style. A natural performer, Pangina takes the spotlight every time with her always stage-worthy outfits. With her brilliantly theatrical looks, Pangina reminds us that there’s no reason to save that amazing dress you love wearing for a special occasion. That’ll probably mean you’ll never actually wear it. If a piece of clothing makes you feel great, it’s fit for any day of the week. Bangkok’s beloved entertainer is all for dressing up no matter the occasion. A glittering gold gown draped over with a floor-trailing embroidered robe? No big deal. Add a bouquet for a headdress and a cane with a huge golden dragon as its spearhead? Now we might be ready for grocery shopping. Her job might involve dressing up as other people, but what’s at the heart of Pangina’s extravagant, all-out style is the idea that you don’t ever have to hold back who you truly are.

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