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Best Dressed in Bangkok: July 2019

Bangkok has been a very colourful city this month, with pastels and bright summer shades lifting up our spirits during this gloomy rainy season. The city has often impressed us with our iconic tastes for clean-cut streetwear and modern silhouettes, but this July we seem to have embraced a little bit more of a nostalgic old-school aesthetic. We’re not just talking traditional Thai silks (although there’s a lot of that too), but some good old-fashioned dresses and suits have made some of the best dressed ladies and gentlemen in Bangkok these past few weeks. Colourful, classic, cheerful: these are our top five favourite looks of the month.

[Hero image: @burin_boonvisut Instagram. Feature image: @didi_nanta Instagram.]

‘Lena’ Helena Busch


Sitting pretty in a yellow lace dress and a classic chanel handbag, Lena’s quintessentially chic feminine ensemble is toughened up with a cool pair of shades. The whole outfit screams summer in the capital, and we love that sassy, can-d0 pose she’s taken to turn boring, stuck-up lace into modern it-girl material.

Amata Chittasenee


Moving from beauty vlogging sensation to an advocate for traditional Thai textiles, Amata has become the important bridge between the young generation and the roots of Thai fashion. She makes a pretty good model for it too. Having travelled to multiple weaving workshops around Thailand this July, she’s given us plenty of fabulous inspiration on how good old-fashioned Thai fabrics can be worn in a cool, contemporary way.

Burin Boonvisut


The former lead singer of Groove Riders is still putting on some great shows — in more ways than one. In both his music and fashion, he’s dropping some suave disco-meets-tuxedo vibes to prove you can have the best voice and be the best dressed in Bangkok. All in all, this is a man who dresses like he sings — and he’s won countless awards for the latter.

Piyada Nanta


Also embracing the wide possibilities of heritage Thai fabrics, Piyada steps weaved textiles into contemporary summer gear. We millennials have all got a weakness for the head-to-toe pink look, but it’s also the rustic fringe hem and matching set of straw accessories that’s making us go all heart-eyes emoji.

‘Pow’ Sappasit Foongfaunchaveng


Nothing beats a man in a smart suit. Except, perhaps, when it’s Pow in a mismatched shirt, jacket, and trousers. Known for his always exciting use of colours and geometrics with Timo, his line of swimming trunks, Pow constantly puts a smile on our faces with this playful and dynamic fashion. Even when he’s just trying on a jacket on top of his current outfit, there’s still something in his mix-and-match charm that makes everything fit together in harmony.

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