A month of some very confusing weather, June has surprised us with a range of fantastic outfits. Ranging from schools-out-streetwear to tip-top Royal Ascot attire, Bangkokians have clearly been having a lot of fun in the sun this month. Well, partly because so many of us have escaped the gloomy rainy season to go sunnier places. It might explain why we’ve noticed more colourful choices, more daring pieces, and more cheerful attitudes going on for the past few weeks. Most of our favourite June outfits have been brightened-up street looks that stand out with one striking statement feature. Scouting everywhere from the streets to the race tracks, we’ve narrowed down our favourite outfits to bring you this June’s Best Dressed in Bangkok.

[Hero image: @kaewjarin Instagram; Feature image: @mario_mm38 Instagram]

Sonya Singha

best dressed in bangkok

Sonya has been better known for her feminine dresses and spaghetti-strap own-brand tops. But this month, the model is one of our “Best Dressed in Bangkok” because of her more boyish looks. It was when she was out supporting Chanel, of course, for the promotion of their J12 watch. Chanel’s boyish-feminine vibe isn’t lost on Sonya, who threw on a sporty sweater-and-shorts co-ord set in a retro print. The blue and purple pattern balanced fabulously with the yellow on her plimsolls and Chanel cross-body. It’s an effortless shabby-chic that happens to be immaculate in its colour co-ordination.

Kaew Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul

Best Dressed in Bangkok

The singer-turned-travel blogger celebrated her birthday this month. But that’s not the reason we’ve listed her here. Always effortlessly cool in her relaxed adventure-ready outfits, Kaew makes no exception when it comes to her special month. Jeans and a white T-shirt make such a classic and failsafe pairing. It works for literally everybody, but Kaew gives it an extra laidback, androgynous, explorer-type aesthetic. We love the sun hat, the baggy-ness, the converse, the camera pouch; it all sounds like a sort of starter pack for a tourist dad but that’s the charm of Kaew’s style. And she pulls it off with that modern-day star quality — i.e., not trying.

Prang Kannarun

Best Dressed in Bangkok

We squealed a little when we spotted this adorable snap of Prang in Hokkaido (as that mouth-watering Hokkaido soft serve gives away). Co-ordinating perfectly with the arcade behind her, Prang simply makes the day a little brighter in the smart canary yellow trousers topped with a Bart Simpson T-shirt. Sometimes, all it takes to be one of the best dressed in Bangkok is having a bit of fun in clothes you love. Prang’s bright and cheerful Simpsons get-up works because she’s obviously having a great time in it!

Mario Maurer

Best Dressed in Bangkok

It’s not just urbanites and city-dwellers that won the best outfits this month though. Over at the Royal Ascot horse races, Mario sported this jaw-dropper of a Sunday Best ensemble. The three-piece suit is the most dapper we’ve seen this month, and there must be some kind of link between the height of your top-hat and the height of your style game. The Friend of Longines Thailand oozes with understated confidence. The watch, the clean-cut lines, and the romantic gaze he accompanies them with makes an outfit that prompts a swoon from all of Bangkok.

Karn Chatikavanij
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