In an exciting time where new ideas and creative talents are emerging at an incredible pace, we think it’s important to shine a light on a few of those that have made an extra special impact. Lifestyle Asia’s ‘Brand of the Month’ is a series of outstanding brands that have caught our eye for their creativity, philosophy, and impact. Whether new or established, local or international, these brands have come up with stand-out creative designs and have made positive new contributions to the world of fashion and lifestyle. In simple: these are the brands you should know about right now.

Read on to find out all about this September’s Brand of the Month: Juralyn, purveyors of reed woven bags by Thai artisans.


A beach, countryside, and all-round summer staple — the woven bag has been one of fashion’s hottest and most wanted item this year. These rustic looking accessories have always been sought after, of course. But only recently have they seen a huge comeback as a trendy and modern urban handbag carried on the arms of celebrities and fashionistas for all kinds of occasions. The reed and wheat material gives associations with the laidback simple life, while the meticulous skill and detail in the weave elevates these bags to a kind of haute couture level.

One brand in particular has captured our attention for their beautiful selection of reed woven bags: Juralyn gives these accessories a glamorous star quality whilst still staying authentic by continuing the heritage of local craftsmanship. Although still a small brand selling their unique designs through Instagram and LINE, Juralyn has already been swung over the wrists of several Thai celebrities and is sure to be rising very quickly onto Bangkok’s big fashion stage. Take a browse through their woven bags now, we say, before they become too popular!

[All images courtesy of Juralyn]


Juralyn’s woven bags soared into the spotlight on social media when they were featured in collaboration with Janesuda for their fashion show at Raya Heritage, Chiang Mai. The reed bags blended perfectly with the rustic-glamour aesthetics of the boutique hotel as well as the chic and laidback handcrafted resortwear from Janesuda’s new collection. These bags may be the perfect companion for your next getaway.


Juralyn produces various designs and colours using their meticulous weave patterns. These bags are all handwoven in the traditional method by local Thai artisans and use exclusively organic wheat plants too. You can get them in three sizes: Mini (THB 2200), Small (THB 2500), or Oversized (THB 2800).


Opt for a chic monochrome colour palette, or go bolder and quirkier with brighter yellows and fuschias.


Juralyn has already been spotted and loved by the most fashionable Thai celebrities, such as Mint Pattarasaya, who’s pictured below with a Juralyn woven bag in Small, matching it perfectly with her floaty white cotton dress. It’s the elegant hand-held silhouette you get with high fashion bags like the Birkin, mixed with the detail of local craftsmanship that gives these reed bags their unique charm.

What’s also great about these reed woven bags is that they’re also fun to customise yourself. They’re perfectly sleek and chic as they come, but there’s always room to add your own personality and colour by attaching your own tassels, keyrings, pom-poms, or perhaps a silk scarf. It’s the perfect way to bring a traditional accessory to new life in your own unique way.

Shop Juralyn bags through Instagram: @juralyn.official or LINE: @juralyn.

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