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Brand of the Month: Lebon, the world’s first luxury all-natural toothpaste

In an exciting time where new ideas and creative talents are emerging at an incredible pace, we think it’s important to shine a light on a few of those that have made an extra special impact. Lifestyle Asia’s ‘Brand of the Month’ is a series of outstanding brands that have caught our eye for their creativity, philosophy, and impact. Whether new or established, local or international, these brands have come up with stand-out creative designs and have made positive new contributions to the world of fashion and lifestyle. In simple: these are the brands you should know about right now.

Read on to find out all about this June’s Brand of the Month: Lebon, the world’s first luxury, 100% organic toothpaste.

[All images courtesy of Lebon.]


Toothpaste might not be the most romantic thing in the world. But discovering Lebon’s luxury, all-organic, and irresistibly delicious toothpaste was like stumbling into a love story.

First of all: Lebon is sexy. Even though that’s probably the last word you would ever use to describe toothpaste, Lebon is not your standard toothpaste. From its lux, glamourous (and eco-friendly) packaging to its exotic botanical ingredients, this is a toothpaste that is sexy in both looks and character. It’s like a seductive love letter to your teeth. 

Lebon was kind of born from a love story too. The marriage between French couple Stephanie (an Art Historian and Photographer) and Richard (a Pharmacist and Cosmetic Certified Dermatologist) was also a marriage between art and the science of natural beauty. The couple gathered their ideas and launched Lebon by the glistening Mediterranean sea, with glamourous Cannes buzzing in the near distance. Such is their love for the sea and natural beauty. 

Lebon Rhythm is Love.

And natural beauty is at the heart of Lebon. While standard toothpastes usually contain glycerol and fluoride, all of Lebon’s toothpastes contain certified organic aloe vera and green tea as natural alternatives. These traditional ingredients have been used for hundreds of years for natural cleaning and gum protection and are infinitely safer to use than chemicals like fluoride. A rare thing in the Thai dental care market, Lebon is actually 100% organic, with no chemicals whatsoever. Ingredients are all-natural, ethically sourced and vegan. They’ve also got an impressively long “free of” list, being free of parabens, sulphates, fluoride, and other nasties that have been scientifically proven to have harmful effects on overall health. 

Lebon Tropical Crush.

Lebon currently have nine flavours, all using authentic and exotic botanicals extracted from Grasse, France. There’s a good reason these tubes of toothpaste don’t come cheap: botanicals from Grasse are some of the most expensive in the world, and they’re the ingredients for only the true luxury brands.  

Lebon travel set.

The unique flavours are inspired by Stephanie and Richard’s love for travel. Each one tastes real and delicate, featuring a creamy mint that’s melded with exotic, tropical strokes. A tiny touch of Stevia naturally sweetens the toothpaste. There’s the ‘Fearless Freedom’, a funky toothpaste with intense blackberry and papaya extract, a powerful natural teeth whitener. For another exotic taste, try the ‘Villa Noacarlina’, where the mint is rounded off with a subtle hint of cinnamon. A favourite, however, is the ‘Back to Pampelonne’ – where the mint and papaya is made even sweeter with ripe mango. 

Lebon Back to Pampelonne.

Khwankhong is one of many beauty influencers who swear by the brand. After noticing a few spots appearing around her mouth and mistakenly blaming the lipsticks she was using, she realised they went away once she switched to her all-natural Lebon toothpaste. It turned out to be the artificial ingredients in the toothpaste she was previously using. Lebon promises to be free from all those dangers. Today, healthy and sexy are one and the same; and Lebon is a delicious champion of that.

Lebon, the world’s first luxury all-natural toothpaste.

We’ve been stuck in the monotonous industrial flood of chemicals, artificials, and dreadful packaging for far too long. Lebon, with its pure ingredients and exotic flavours, has finally come to save us. 


Shop Lebon luxury organic toothpastes online or in stores. Stockists: G/F Emporium, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, 10110 (10am-8pm). M/F Siam Paragon, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-10pm). 1/F Seenspace Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, 10110 (10am-8.30pm). www.lebontoothpaste.co.uk.

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