In an exciting time where new ideas and creative talents are emerging at an incredible pace, we think it’s important to shine a light on a few of those that have made an extra special impact. Lifestyle Asia’s ‘Brand of the Month’ is a series of outstanding brands that have caught our eye for their creativity, philosophy, and impact. Whether new or established, local or international, these brands have come up with stand-out creative designs and have made positive new contributions to the world of fashion and lifestyle. In simple: these are the brands you should know about right now.

Read on to find out all about this August’s Brand of the Month: PortsPURE, a label by Ports 1961 making a meaningful statement on consumerism and sustainability.



However much you love fashion, it’s clear that there’s a huge environmental problem with it too. Particularly in Bangkok, we see thousands of new labels popping up everyday using brand new fabrics that consume a ton of energy to produce — and to discard. The truth is, not only is the fashion industry extremely polluting, but the way we thoughtlessly shop can also be very wasteful. In an effort to raise awareness of this issue, PortsPURE has dedicated its new Fall 2019 collection to exploring the topic of consumerism. Practising what they preach, PortsPURE FW19 is using only sustainable materials to bolster their statement of the need for environmental protection in fashion

But the brand takes it a step further. Still embracing their modern tailoring and signature asymmetric cuts, PortsPURE FW19 also manages to use the aesthetics of the designs themselves to poke fun at the way we consume. Here’s a collection that proves there’s no need for compromise when pairing fun fashion design with being environmentally conscious. PortsPURE have changed the game for sustainable fashion this season, exploring a deeply meaningful and topical issue with a “tongue-in-chic” attitude.

[All images courtesy of PortsPURE]

PortsPURE presented their latest fall collection in Bangkok at the Rosewood Hotel.

As the younger sister label of Ports 1961, PortsPURE certainly has origins in sophisticated runway couture. For their new collection, there’s been no dialling down of their distinctive bold silhouettes and edgy asymmetry. In PortsPURE FW19, we see a constant play of contrasts and contradictions — subverting masculine and feminine archetypes and other unexpected twists. Soft blouson shapes go on top of structured work trousers; poplin shirting sleeves strikingly show up on casual crewneck jumpers. We also get some utilitarian quilting, which — traditionally used as lining —  is now brought front and centre as a stunning two-piece coat. 

PortsPURE FW19 prominently features gender-fluid looks and subversive contrasts.

Considering PortsPURE was established with the idea of being younger and more suited for Asian customers than its sister brand, we find lighter fabrics and more city-friendly airy tailoring here.

PortsPURE FW19.

But unlike most mainstream Asian fashion brands, PortsPURE have sourced fabrics with environmental protection as their priority. The adage of “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle” is “revisited”, and the brand shows that eco-friendly materials actually have functional properties well-suited for city life. The latest collection prominently features sustainable yarns and recyclable wool, taking the traditional warmth-providers and giving them a lighter and more airy feel against the skin. We also spotted some eco-fur which feels just as soft and lush as the real thing — but fur has never felt sexier than being cruelty-free. 

Eco-fur is one of the environmentally conscious materials used for PortsPURE FW19.

Underlying the physical eco-materials of PortsPURE FW19, there’s also a spirit and attitude in the designs that empowers awareness of sustainability issues. The latest collection is comprised of a strong and graphic colour palette — a play on the idea of bright, in-your-face advertisements and billboards that are constantly grabbing our attention, persuading us to buy more and more. But here, the bright vivid colours draw the eye to the fashion pieces and the important message they’re trying to express. 

PortsPURE FW19 features bold colours to attract the eye to the fashion – and to a hidden message.

Whilst they’re standing up for an important cause, the brand isn’t being preachy or aggressive. Rather, their collection is presented with a sly and playful smile that pokes satirical fun. Graphics and slogans like “Fresh squeezed ideas” and “100% PURE” are plastered across intarsia knits, and “Best Before” stickers cheekily edge along trouser seams, skirts, and sweaters.

Even though we’ve all done it before, thoughtless buying and shopping over time can lead to a huge problem for the planet. What PortsPURE has done with their new collection is to remind us to buy with more thought and intention, to check the quality and sources of materials carefully before making decisions. We should all be following PortsPURE in taking these stylish steps towards a more sustainable future.

Shop PortsPURE FW19 online or in stores. Locations: 2/F, Central Chidlom, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-8pm).

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