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The bucket hat you should buy, according to your zodiac sign

It seems to be the summer accessory in (and on) everyone’s heads: the bucket hat.

Quietly rising last year as we began to revive ‘90s fashion trends, bucket hats have been spotted everywhere from A-list Hollywood celebrities to local Bangkok fashionistas, and it seems the hat trend anticipates no sign of stopping.

Yet whilst wanting to dress like Bella Hadid or Chompoo Araya has long been on our Pinterest fashion inspo board, it is seldom that a global fashion trend is so easily accessible — and so widely affordable.

There are tons (tons!) of bucket hats to buy online, so much so that the options can get somewhat overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we’ve decided to mix and match a bucket hat to each zodiac sign. Based on a few key character traits, as it turns out, there’s a bucket hat for everybody out there. Read on to see if yours reads true — or shop the others if you dare.

N.B.: Of course, this story was not written by a certified astrologer. Just a writer shooting for the style stars.

[Hero Image Credit: Mad Matter; all other images courtesy of Pomelo, unless stated]

Mad Matter Safari Hat

Beginning our list with a bucket hat in one of its most classic forms, we chose this Mad Matter Safari Hat to play to Aries’ courageous and determined characteristics. Perfect for any adventure you choose to embark on, we love the patterned detail on the hat strap, making for a stylish added accessory to the otherwise plain-coloured bucket hat. Honest yet enthusiastic: very Aries.

Price: THB 1390

Waterandothers Towel Hat

Do you know this Thai brand yet? You definitely should. Taurus probably knows, because a Taurus tends to know almost everything. Suited to their responsible and reliable character traits, we’re picking this brown towel hat for the zodiac sign, perfect for sun protection by land or by sea. Practical yet fashionable: just how Taurus likes it.

Price: THB 1390

Ellesse Angela Bucket Hat

We tried to find a bucket hat that would do Gemini’s gentle and affectionate personality some justice, and Ellesse presents a sweet rendition to suit. Sporty and fun, yet still with a sense of softness, it’s the summery energy that perfectly matches Gemini’s character.

Price: THB 790

Mahanakhon Lifestyle Peace Bucket Hat

It’s likely that the Cancer in your life is a highly creative and also deeply loyal character. This is why we chose Mahanakhon’s ‘Peace’ bucket hat as their must-have item, playing to their fair and sympathetic character. It’s a minimalist design that still presents a fun graphic element. Cancers will say they drew it themselves.

Price: THB 500

[Image Credit: King Power Online}

Pomelo Graphic Wide Brim Hat

Leo is probably the loudest and most dominant of the zodiac signs, so we chose the largest bucket hat for Leo. Featuring a Chupa Chups lollipop motif, this wide brim hat is designed to block out plenty of sunlight — so Leo can shine. Colourful, cheerful, and full of life: it’s Leo in her own version of a bucket hat.

Price: THB 524

Pomelo Lace Sun Hat

We wanted something romantic and feminine for the kind Virgo, and this lace hat by Pomelo is a perfect incarnation of this spirit. Virgos are hardworking and analytical people, but also have a gentle soul. They are very much like lace; a material that is incredibly hard to make, and is extremely delicate, too.

Price: THB 299

iwannabangkok Bucket Hat in White

Libras are very cooperative and open-minded, which is why we’re giving them a blank page with this white bucket hat and a rainbow of colour for print. One of Bangkok’s most beloved streetwear brands, it’s a cheeky number to sport, playing to the social and sneaky personality of this zodiac sign.

Price: THB 790

iwannabangkok Towel Bucket Hat in Red

Scorpios are anything but subtle, so we’re bringing out a bucket hat in the loudest colour of the lot: a vibrant red. Made from a towel material, it’s a fool-proof accessory that a Scorpio can wear on one of their many wild adventures. Passionate and courageous creatures, we couldn’t think of a better companion.

Price: THB 890

Pomelo Adjustable Drawcord Bucket Hat

A Sagittarius is a great sign to go camping (or glamping) with, and it’s likely they’d bring along a bucket hat like this one. Generous, reliable, and charismatic, they prove that originality is key, and you can’t fault a classic. Featuring an adjustable strap, here’s a bucket hat that won’t slip away and will be there for you when things get stormy — much like a Sagittarius.

Price: THB 293

Champion Bucket Cap

Is the Capricorn in your life a real champion? We thought so, that’s why we’re pairing this Champion hat with this responsible and well-disciplined zodiac sign. Capricorns are known for their excellent management skills, which is why a sturdy and sporty hat suits them best. Here in a navy hue, it’s an easy bucket hat to pair with many looks, and definitely gives off that boss energy.

Price: THB 1090

ALAND 3.3 Field Trip x Hanji Wire Brim Knit Hat

The Aquarius in your life is likely to be one of the most independent people you know. They’re notorious for being progressive and a little bit indie, which is why we chose this knit bucket hat for them. Artsy and somewhat mysterious, it’s a reworked interpretation of the bucket hat, which happens to also follow this year’s massive crochet fashion trend. Typical Aquarius.

Price: THB 1090

Madmatter x Pomelo Safari Hat in Coral

Pisces ends our list of zodiac bucket hats with a beautifully eye-catching number. Inspired by the water, we love this coral safari hat for the water sign, which is known for being wise and intuitive. Soothing but not boring, sweet but not traditional: super Pisces.

[Image Credit: @dorothypetzold/Instagram via Pomelo]

Price: THB 990

Lisa Gries

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Lisa loves to travel, and is always on the lookout for the world’s best nap spots. She’s a serious Asian art history nerd, and has a knack for languages and coffee table books. She hopes to publish her own novels one day, one of which will likely be called ‘All The Great Conversations I Had In A Bangkok Speakeasy.’ It’s a work in progress.

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