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The Chanel 19 Bag campaign is a beautiful burst of energy

When your muses are Margaret Qualley, Taylor Russell, and Marine Vacth, you know you’re in for a vibrant ride.

The latest Chanel 19 Bag campaign comes bursting with energy — and is co-directed by the iconic Roman and Sofia Coppola, no less.

Boasting a sense of light-hearted Pairisian joie de vivre, the Chanel 19 bag is the last-born of the French luxury fashion power house, and appears in multiple editions in the clip.

Be it Margaret Qualley carrying the bag in black leather, Taylor Russell boasting multicolour tweed, or Marine Vacth featuring the signature houndstooth motif, the bag carries a lot of the new urban chic that represents both their muses and the respected design ethos of the brand.

Chanel 19 comes with a large diamond quilting, an oversized CC clasp, a long strap in metal interlaced with leather, and a club chain handle. Allowing for much versatility, it is likely to become a staple for the modern woman with style — with a sublime silhouette to suit.

Described as “an ode to the freedom of movement so dear to Chanel and to its founder,” here’s the fashionable burst of energy we had been craving this summer.


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