Bangkok’s fashion season is still in full swing, with wedding dress designer Cher’Z recently hosting its Fall/ Winter 2018 fashion show this Monday. Titled ‘Bela Virino’, the collection was inspired by the peaceful waves of the sea in early winter, playing with silky fabrics, flowing ruffles and draping details.

Held at Lady L Garden Bistro, the runway featured delicate, feminine looks which match seamlessly with the romantic ambience of the French cuisine. On the bridal front, the label stayed true to tradition, with off-the-shoulder necklines and bow embellishments in the form of voluminous ivory gowns. However, throughout the show, its evening-wear verged into more daring territory, with pops of vivid yellow and luminous pink that can always be incorporated into the cocktail occasions, too. Meanwhile, the models also marched down the runway with fine accessories from JASMIN, which elevate the luxurious touch of overall garments. Click ahead for a glimpse of this fabulous fashion show.