Ancient coin jewellery dates back many centuries, yet it was Bulgari who put it in the spotlight in the 1950s when it launched its signature collection, titled ‘Monete‘, marking one of the very first brands that introduced ancient coin jewellery to the modern world. Earlier this year, the coin-jewellery trend made a huge comeback, with Kim Kardashian stepping out with a pile of gold coin necklaces that flattered her bronzed-holiday skin and décolletage. Since then, many fashionistas from around the world were spotted showing their stamp of approval by wearing these sparkly numbers, too.

Kim Kardashian; Image credits: Instagram

Luckily for us, a myriad of Bangkok-based fashion stores have recently rolled out their trendy designs to make sure that they’re in with this phenomenon. If you are currently in search for one, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks for you to check out. Here’s a list of coin jewellery pieces that can bring an understated elegance to your look instantly.