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The coolest, craziest, most fabulous fashion collaborations we’ve seen this year

Who doesn’t love a good mash-up? From DJ remixes to fusion food, combining two or more different things together is always curiosity-inducing if not exciting. And in fashion, it seems you can hardly call yourself a designer if you don’t collaborate with other brands. And it pays too. There’s often far more hype and hoo-ha over new limited edition fashion collaborations than when it’s just another plain and simple collection.

The idea of fashion collaborations isn’t new, of course. Way back in 2004 Karl Lagerfeld joined forces with H&M to introduce this new and exciting kind of fashion collection — one that’s luxury and special edition, yet also accessible. Fast-forward to 2019, the Swedish fast-fashion giant’s latest and possibly most sought after collaboration to date is with Italian designer Giambattista Valli. But this year’s seen many, many fashion collaborations — and some crazy cool ones at that. Here at LSA Bangkok we’ve certainly been inundated with constant notifications for new partnerships. So, we’ve decided to round up our favourite teams from this year. Whether they were explosively cool or confusingly unexpected (or both!), we thought these collaborations absolutely rocked the 2019 fashion scene.

[Hero image: Alexander Wang x Bulgari; Feature image: IKEA x Virgil Abloh.]

The coolest

Alexander Wang x Bulgari

Headed by the ultimate cool girl Hailey Bieber, the Alexander Wang x Bulgari collaboration combined edgy urban fashion with high jewellery and handbags — everybody was obsessed.


Marc Jacobs x Peanuts

What do you get when two iconic American pop culture brands come together? Something extremely cute, it turns out.

Stella McCartney x The Beatles

It’s the first time ever that the band has agreed to a collaboration. Of course, it must have helped that Stella McCartney is actually the daughter of one of the band members. The ‘All Together Now’ collection is the key example for why fashion collaborations can actually be very meaningful.


The craziest

Dior x Rimowa x Dom Perignon

Ready to rock our world in 2020, this is a collaboration between not two, but three brands — all from different categories too. The triple threat featuring an haute couture house, a luggage company, and a champagne label is one of the craziest and most anticipated capsule collections announced this year.

IKEA x Virgil Abloh

Here’s a double act that made us do a double take. Essentially a collaboration between Off-White and the Scandinavian furniture company we all know and love, it’s making us feel all futuristic and philosophical about our home decor. Millennials, be prepared to add a few special edition “Rugs” and “Chairs” to your abode.

Mulberry x Acne Studios

An unlikely match, as any fashionista would know. But crazy and unexpected doesn’t always mean bad results. In fact, we were more than pleasantly surprised at how cool the Mulberry x Acne Studios bags look. It’s a combo of quality heritage leather goods and cutting edge urban fashion — why has this collaboration not happened before?


The most fabulous

Rita Ora x Giuseppe Zanotti

Both known for their head-turning glamour and bold character, Rita Ora and Giuseppe Zanotti teamed up to produce some statement-making heels earlier this year that were both sassy and sophisticated.

Giambattista Valli x H&M

This list could never be complete without mention of the already much-mentioned Giambattista Valli x H&M collaboration. One of the biggest talks of the town this year, the collection has made the Italian brand’s signature tulle dresses and bold voluminous frills more accessible than they’ve ever been before. Unsurprisingly, the collection sold out online within a day.

Disaya x Dry Clean Only

Even right here in Bangkok, our Thai designers haven’t been immune to the collaboration craze. Our favourite one this year has to be the combination of two fabulous and iconic Thai labels, Disaya and Dry Clean Only. What’s especially cool about their joint series is that they’ve used stock from their previous collections and mashed them together to create new and unique designs from old materials. A cool collaboration for a sustainable cause? We’re in.

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