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Hit the sand in style with these 10 designer beach towels

If you’re looking for a sign to head on a spontaneous beachside holiday this month, consider this it.

The unsung heroes of our ‘casually lounging by the beach’ Instagram, and the stylish saviours to envelope us after a cool dip in the pool, beach towels are so done being the most underrated holiday accessory in our weekender bags. From Missoni to Hermès, many high fashion houses are releasing their own dreamy designer beach towels, proving that a true seaside ensemble is never complete without it. Scroll ahead for some of our faves of the minute, and surf a high wave of style next time you head to the shore.

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1 /10

Hermès Savana Dance Beach Towel

There’s no denying it: no one does a beach towel like Hermès. Whilst the French fashion powerhouse is most famously known for its leather goods, few know that Hermès actually has a vast selection of beach towels, each boasting a colourful and imaginative design. Made of 100% cotton terry cloth, this Savana Dance Towel (approx. THB 19,000) features an animal theme in bold aquatique and coral shades. Like a work of art, elegantly suited for an extravagant lounge by the pool.

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2 /10

Ralph Lauren Caribbean Beach Towel

You won’t have to travel far to be inspired by the seaside with this Ralph Lauren Caribbean Beach Towel (approx. THB 2220). Made of 100% cotton, the plush towel depicts a landscape of the Caribbean islands, sure to put anyone in a tropical feel-good mood. Accessorise with a good travel novel and a pair of shades and your wanderlust will reach new heights — without ever even having to leave the comfort of your home pool. Idyllic.

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3 /10

Kenzo Diamond Tiger Beach Towel

Think of Kenzo, and one of the first images that pops to mind is the iconic Kenzo tiger. Roaring from the centre of this Kenzo Diamond Tiger Beach Towel (approx. THB 4155), this cotton towel is for all those who love to look fierce by the seaside. The deep black colour of the towel means that it is compatible with any swimwear styles and hues, and is perfect for all those who love a classic black and white look (that also bites back).

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4 /10

Bottega Veneta Beach Towel in Cotton

Bottega Veneta always knows how to keep things classy and sophisticated, without ever being boring. This Beach Towel in Cotton (approx. THB 12,360) is no different, crafted in cotton terry and patterned with the brand’s beloved intrecciato motif. The towel is finished with a solid border and light tasseled fringe, giving it a classic and somewhat regal vibe. Sure to make you the king or queen of the beach, and get the others green with envy.

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5 /10

Missoni Viviette Beach Towel

It’s easy to spot a Missoni design from afar, and for all those who do not wish to search long and wide after a dip in the waters, this Missoni Viviette Beach Towel (approx. THB 7,190) is definitely a stylish go-to. Made in cotton terry velour, the towel features Missoni’s signature multi-coloured stripe design. Pair with a Missoni bikini or trunks for a marvellously matching look, and watch the heads turn as you proceed to be the most fashionable person by the shore.

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6 /10

Marc Jacobs Logo Beach Towel

Here’s a cute one. Whilst the Logo Mania trend is slowly starting to fade, Marc Jacobs sings from the rooftops with this bold Logo Beach Towel (approx. THB 3800). Featuring a terry velvet texture and somewhat super hero-like illustration, the sweet pink towel is a playful and feminine option for those who love a light towel. Pairing suggestion: a glass of rosé and a puppy.

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7 /10

Tory Burch T Terry Beach Towel

Designed to be super-absorbent, this Tory Burch T Terry Beach Towel (approx. THB 3740) has taken note and really nailed its beachside details to a T – almost quite literally. Featuring a repeated T-design, the bluebird and white-coloured towel is made from thick, soft-brushed Portuguese cotton yarns, and features a jacquard pattern at its centre, with a solid border and fringe on its edges. Classic and sophisticated, if a weekend in the Hamptons were a towel, it’d be this one.

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8 /10

Fendi Beach Towel

Fendi brings the sunshine with this Beach Towel (approx. THB 12,360). Featuring its iconic FF pattern in a jacquard weave and all-over tone-on-tone, the design manages to be both subtle and loud at the same time. A wonderfully warm colour to take a sun-kissed nap by the beach or pool, here’s a fabulous option for all those who prefer a simple single-colour towel – in a sneakily luxe style.

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9 /10

Emilio Pucci Beach Towel

One of the ruling kings of colourful resort wear, our list wouldn’t be complete without a piece by Emilio Pucci. Pictured here with an orange Nigeria print, this Beach Towel (approx. THB 24,875) is made from 100% cotton and crafted in Italy, bringing a lot of the richly coloured flair of the Mediterranean to its design. Imaginative and wonderfully vibrant, it’s the perfect backdrop for a sweet sun snooze.

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10 /10

Versace I <3 Baroque Jacquard Towel

Ending our list with quite possibly the boldest of them all, you can’t go much more ‘designer beach towel’ than this Versace I <3 Baroque Jacquard Towel (approx. THB 14,260). Made of luxurious cotton jacquard, the design features Versace’s signature regal gold border, as well as the word ‘Versace’ across the entire centre. Want to know how to make an entrance when you strut to that pool party? Bring this towel, and watch the eyes boggle.

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Hit the sand in style with these 10 designer beach towels

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