Chances are you’ve been checking the weather app and soon need to reach out for an umbrella.

There are perks of living in tropical cities like Bangkok — the bright sunshine and the warm weather all year round — and then there are the downpours that get us pretty much soaked. That time of year again, as we are jumping into June, the thunderstorms and drizzles have already begun.

Carrying umbrellas for those just-in-case-it-rains situations is as essential as wearing a mask because, at this point, we can’t take a chance to fall ill. Since we have to settle down for an umbrella, we might as well have a designer one that could complement our outfits. It could easily camouflage with your attire or enhance the whole look. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite designer umbrellas from our favourite fashion brands, so you can beat the rain like a boss this season.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Burberry]


No matter how gloomy the weather is, Missoni’s ‘Des Gaia’ umbrella will brighten up your grey days with its colourful print. This umbrella is shell printed with colourful checks that will keep your days exciting. It has a snap-fastening tab and opens automatically with the push of a button. Urban dwellers, this bright brolly is for you.

Price: Approx. THB 4,442

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We couldn’t miss out on Moschino’s iconic bear printed umbrella. For those who like to be all goofy, this toy scarf printed umbrella will give you some joy. Ditch the dull colours and pair this sunshade with your favourite outfits.

Price: Approx. THB 4,083

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There’s no denying that floral prints and vibrant hues are always so refreshing and a hot trend all year round. Flaunting a whimsical flowery vibe, we love Fendi’s nylon floral print umbrella. Best part? It’s travel-friendly, foldable, and has a matching zipped pouch. Quite the fashion goal you might be looking for.

Price: Approx. THB 24,469

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Natasha Zinko

Any love birds out there? Natasha Zinko’s baby blue bird-printed logo umbrella is the perfect way to embrace the romantic weather with your partner. Adorned with a paisley print, this pastel-hued umbrella is subtly sweet and stylish for all the sweetheart couples.

Price: Approx. THB 3,455 

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Does it get any more vintage than this? Burberry’s Vintage Check is the iconic way to go. The umbrella beautifully features that Haymarket check pattern with a retractable pole that makes it an exceptional choice for the long haul. Keep it real and trendy even under the cloudburst.

Price: Approx. THB 15,134

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Paul Smith

For those who prefer to keep their vibrant personality hidden and under the roof, this Black ‘Swirl’ canopy walker umbrella is the one. Paul Smith tends to keep it quirky and elegant with its designs. Stay dry in your own little rainbow-filled bubble.

Price: Approx. THB 7,785

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Alisha Pawa
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