Despite having the name ‘No Drama’, KINGKAN’s new pop-up store in Gaysorn Village has a lot going on. At its official opening earlier on Thursday, we had a peek inside the pop-up store of this eclectic, edgy, and highly celebrated Thai fashion label. What’s most striking about the brand is its excitingly social and interactive nature. Kingkan Salakonthanavat, the founder and creative director of her eponymous label, designs clothes from multiple artistic perspectives. She frequently collaborates with other creatives, keeping the collections at KINGKAN incredibly varied and interesting. There’s always a real sense of a “Mix & Match” culture with this brand.

[All images courtesy of KINGKAN.]

Kingkan pop up store.
The KINGKAN pop-up store in Gaysorn Village.

This time, with the opening of their new pop-up store, KINGKAN has released their latest collection titled ‘Fragile’. Here’s a particularly heartfelt project from the brand. The inspiration came from the designer taking note of the current mental health issues that come with society’s potentially insensitive social media activity. In a time when personal criticism and verbal attacks can be made so easily, it seems easy to forget that there are real people on the other side – people who are receptive, sensitive, ‘fragile’.

The KINGKAN pop-up store in Gaysorn Village.
Weeranund Sadakornwongwut browsing the new ‘Fragile’ collection.

The brand tries to show that being ‘fragile’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having small cracks is like allowing what’s inside – your inner emotions and true character – to shine through. And it’s this inner spirit that drives creativity and design for KINGKAN.

Even the store’s edgy architecture is a nod towards the concept of being ‘Fragile’, with a crack in between two grey stones forming the entrance.

Kingkan Pop up store
The KINGKAN pop-up store in Gaysorn Village.

As usual with KINGKAN, the collection is an eclectic mix of collaborations with other creative minds. There’s a special capsule of lux streetwear designed with influencer Birdie-Parva Nakasai. KINGKAN x PARVA feature unisex pieces with sporty silhouettes and practical working looks. It’s an overall more accessible and wearable collection than the ones before it.

Birdie-Parva Nakasai collaborates with KINGKAN for KINGKAN x PARVA.

Pieces from the new collection range from urban unisex t-shirts and utility boilersuits to A-line skirts and velvet trackpants. It all might seem like a confusingly broad and chaotic range, but that’s the idea with KINGKAN. The brand encourages people to have fun with styling, to mix and match an infinite number of combinations.

Kingkan Pop up store
The KINGKAN pop-up store in Gaysorn Village.

Lots of Bangkok’s most influential fashion crowd came to support KINGKAN at their official opening party. Joining in with the brand’s “mix and match” culture, a few of them shared their experiences and tips on eclectic styling:

Chompunood Rojsiriruch says “My boyish style is always blended with a feminine vibe, and nowadays, unisex dressing is very popular. I love pairing high waisted baggy denim jeans with a spaghetti-strap tank top for that combination of boyish and sweet. There are even some jewellery pieces that can put interesting twists on the feminine vibe, like the choker for example.”

Chompunood Rojsiriruch.

Meanwhile, the fashionista siblings, Book-Pimlert and Boom-Jarujit Baiyoke said, “Our aesthetics are quite different. Even though we sometimes share clothes, it’s mainly the way we style them that makes us different. Sometimes even when we wear the exact same outfit, the way we wear it can still be really different!”.

Book-Pimlert and Boom-Jarujit Baiyoke.

Featuring another collaboration, the new pop-store also offers SelfStory – a stylish lip collection including balms and scrubs by celebrity siblings Faye-Pornpawee, and Fang-Dhanundhorn Neerasingh. Clearly, KINGKAN is an incredibly interactive brand, gathering talents from various people in one place. Even the food and drinks at their opening party were from creative local start-ups.

Kingkan pop up store
Influential guests at the KINGKAN officially opening party.

As one of the leading Thai fashion brands, KINGKAN captures the truest spirit of Bangkok style. It’s charismatic, eclectic, and always socially involved. There’s a cool mystery and unpredictability to it, inviting our curiosity to take a look inside.

The new KINGKAN pop-up store is open at Gaysorn Village until 30 November 2019. Location: 1/F Gaysorn Village, Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, 10330 (10am-8pm). Discover more about KINGKAN on their website or Instagram.

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