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Love it or hate it: floral Hawaiian print is back in fashion

We kind of wear a rendition of this every Songkran, but who knew floral prints or particularly floral Hawaiian print would actually be considered fashionable this year?

The summer season is about getting away from it all. This year, the global pandemic may not allow us to cross all the world’s borders, but fashion is on hand to whisk us away to paradise destinations, starting with Hawaii. Make no mistake, this legendary print — star of the ’90s — is no longer the preserve of surfers. In fact, it’s taking over (almost) all the items in our wardrobes.

What’s going on with the world? After a year spent in jogging pants and pajamas, suddenly everything has been turned upside down, as all manner of the most uncool apparel and accessories from fashion past comes hurtling back to the forefront of the scene. After Crocsbucket hats and shiny gold chains, next in line comes a pattern that was once the butt of much criticism in the fashion world: Hawaiian print. Yes, it’s making a comeback, and not just for surfers.

Note that we said “Hawaiian print” and not “Hawaiian shirt.” Although the latter item was once a wardrobe staple for many men, rest assured that it is not about to make a comeback. The world may have been at a standstill for more than a year due to the global pandemic, but things haven’t quite gone that cray — yet — and let’s hope it stays that way. Nevertheless, Hawaiian print — as spotted on fashion icon Hailey Baldwin, among others — is coming to closets (and suitcases), so get ready to find a way to make it work.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Le Slip Francais]

Is Hibiscus the new flower queen? 

Good news or bad news? It’s hard to say, because the fashionista inside all of us undoubtedly says that the star print of the ’90s (yes, that famous decade again) should never have resurfaced. But, then again, this is sure to be a summer like no other, so much so that any print, piece or accessory evoking optimism, audacity, good vibes, escapism, wellbeing and, ultimately, life, is likely to be seen as a welcome breath of fresh air.

And what better than Hawaiian print — often with a hibiscus flower motif — to embody this thirst for freedom, escapism and a carefree life that we missed so much during this long and taxing year? Brace yourself for this floral motif coming to short and long dresses, tops, skirts, pants, caps and hats, and swimwear, of course — all finished in bright, bold colors, bursting with vibrancy and life, not to go unnoticed.

While men and women seem to have adopted Hawaiian print, brands have also recently been boarding the trend, covering some of their fashion essentials with the famous hibiscus flower motif. Are you ready to take the plunge?

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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