Alessandro Michele strikes again.

The next Gucci collection, entitled ‘Epilogue,’ continues the Creative Director’s effort in reversing traditional fashion rules and perspectives.

As the first Paris Haute Couture digital week kicks off online this Monday, couture houses have been pushing the limitations in the world today with alternative presentation formats that continue to enchant and delight. To continue in this streak, Gucci has also announced its plans for its next presentation, scheduled on the last day of the inaugural Milan Digital Fashion Week.

Set to be presented at 2pm (HKT) on 17 July, Gucci shall be showing its latest collection, titled ‘Epilogue,’ through a special 12-hour live stream, during which an exclusive “narrative feature” will be shared. Models of the show, meanwhile, are cast from his design team. Together, they are expected to present a collection that continues to reverse traditional fashion rules and perspectives.

The Epilogue will serve as the final act of the narrative Alessandro Michele began with his Fall/Winter 2020 womenswear show. Titled ‘An Unrepeatable Ritual,’ the show revealed everything that went on behind the curtains at runway shows, paying tribute to those that bring out the magic of fashion: The stylists, seamstresses, makeup artists, hairstylists and more.

Wondering which specific season the Epilogue is meant to belong to? There really is no definitive answer. As according to an earlier announcement in May, Gucci is stepping away from the traditional fashion schedule, and will instead set its own timetable: Presenting only two co-ed, season-less shows per year — a move that is joined by designer peers including Giorgio Armani, Dries Van Noten and Saint Laurent.

Gucci’s 12-hour live stream for Epilogue will be broadcast on several digital platforms worldwide, including, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo, the Gucci App, and Facebook from 6pm (HKT). If you’re looking to just tune into the “narrative feature”, it will be on aired at 8pm (HKT) on the same platforms mentioned plus on the brand’s official Instagram and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s official channels. Make sure you mark your calendars so you don’t miss it.

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