Welcome to Lifestyle Asia’s monthly digest of the latest goings-on, trends, and noteworthy events that have taken place in the global fashion industry. This month, we’ve been fascinated to see how big yet seemingly non-fashion related events have been affecting the fashion industry, from the Hong Kong protests to the disastrous wildfires occurring in the Amazon rainforest. Read on for more updates on everything you should know about in the world of fashion business and retail.

[Hero image: Lululemon Lab. Feature image: Chanel]

Fashion brands have stopped buying materials from the Amazon rainforest

One of the biggest headlines this September has been the raging fires spreading alarmingly rapidly across the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. As this is proving to be an environmental disaster, several fashion brands are making moves to protest against the lax laws on deforestation in Brazil, under the rule of President Jair Bolsonaro. And since many of these fires were caused by ranchers clearing space for cattle farming, brands such as Vans, Timberland, H&M, and The North Face are now boycotting leather farmed in the Amazon. Nike has also ensured they are no longer using any materials that have been produced in the Amazon rainforest.

Burberry launches a messaging app

To improve brand-client relations, Burberry has partnered with Apple to produce a messaging service called ‘R Message’. This platform lets sales associates message clients to extend in-store and online services. It gives customers a quick way to get more information on products, prices, and what’s new in stock. With real people behind these messaging services rather than AI, the brand hopes to establish stronger relations with their loyal customers and launch themselves from a heritage label to a label of modernity and innovation.


Chanel postpones Cruise show in Hong Kong, due to protests

Chanel had already raised a few eyebrows back in July when they announced that their Cruise 2020 show would be hosted in Hong Kong, when protests were already taking place. As upheaval continues, Chanel has this month decided to officially call off the show. Originally planned to take place on November 6, Chanel Cruise 2020 in Hong Kong has now been postponed indefinitely. Despite this, the Chanel Cruise 2020 collection will still be released in stores from November 6 as originally planned.


Lululemon launches a streetwear line

One of the most popular luxury athletic wear brands has been working under-the-radar on a streetwear line called ‘Lab’. In the last 3 years, the brand have only sold this line through 2 stores in New York – until now. A blend of luxury high-tech materials with fashion-forward, comfortable design, Lululemon Lab is now available online and across 45 store locations. But despite being a streetwear line, Lab is not aimed at casual customers. These are deliberately more elevated, “limited edition” concept products for high-value loyal customers who have long followed the brand.


Iconic fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh dies aged 74

Capturing some of the most iconic, intimate, and natural photographs of the fashion’s biggest stars like Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid and the Meghan Markle, Peter Lindbergh was a revolution for fashion photography. He was a staunch critic of the artificial culture of airbrushed, over-stiff photos and instead produced unpolished and authentic photos that capture the personalities of women. In fashion, he was known as the photographer who “freed women”, allowing them to be recognised for who they really are, rather than a kind of status symbol. In his words, “That’s the goal of the calendar — to show the woman. And not this stretched, manipulated, emptied [person] you see in the magazines today.”


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