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How to do quiet luxury on a budget: 5 ways that won’t break the bank

It is the loudest fashion trend of the minute, but also one of the most expensive. What is quiet luxury? How do you wear quiet luxury? And can you do quiet luxury on a budget? Let us show you the ways. 

Ever since netizens took a closer look at the fashion worn by HBO Succession’s Roy family, ‘quiet luxury’ has been screeching from every social media platform. Cashmere! Tailored suits! Loro Piana! 

The fashion buzz around the latest season of the show was only heightened when actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s real-life luxury ski trial became the subject of countless memes on the internet. Beyond the ridiculousness of it all, Gwyneth became the poster child for quiet luxury fashion, sporting seemingly simple outfits, some with a price tag of over USD 4000.

In fact, this is the true beauty of the fashion trend. Where jaw-dropping price tags meet simple, timeless design, quiet luxury reigns supreme. However, even if you’re on a tighter budget, you could still rock the look. Here’s how. 

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How to wear quiet luxury on a budget

Unlike the logomania trend, where designer logos stood out loud and proud, quiet luxury is about embracing subtleties. The ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ or the ‘Stealth Wealth’ lifestyle is understated, almost minimalistic. Thereby, it can still somewhat work for those who are on a budget.

What is quiet luxury?

The term ‘quiet luxury’ was really coined as buzz around HBO’s Succession grew, though this style of dressing has been around for a long time. It spotlights an effortless way of dressing, marked by extremely high quality materials, tailored suiting, and neutral colours. Quiet luxury is elegant, without trying too hard, and in the circles of the ultra-rich, boasts an “if you know, you know” air. 

Yet if you don’t know, that’s totally okay, too. 

The show’s Shiv Roy is often used as a prime example for quiet luxury dressing. Turtle necks in earth tones, tailored leather jackets, and never a logo or loud pattern in sight: quiet luxury fashion is easy to identify. Whilst brands like The Row, Max Mara, Loro Piana, and Jil Sander are at the front lines, you can still find more affordable options from high-street brands on the market.

What are some quiet luxury brands that are budget-friendly?

There are several brands on the high street that feature quiet luxury staples in their collections. For the greatest amount of options at the most budget-friendly prices, head to Pomelo, H&M, Zara, Mango, Uniqlo, or Topshop. A bit higher in pricing (but also in quality), Massimo Dutti and COS make for smart alternatives. 

A quick and easy way to build up your quiet luxury essentials is to look at lingerie labels. Oysho, Calzedonia, Skims, or Intimissimi make simple pieces in the neutral hues that dominate this trend. 

Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few tips for how to wear quiet luxury on a budget. Fake it ’til you make it to Roy-level status, and don’t overthink it. As Cosmopolitan notes, when it comes to quiet luxury, “unintentional flexing is the real flex.”

5 ways to wear quiet luxury that won’t break the bank

Stock up on the classics, all in neutral tones

First things first. You’re going to want to stock up on a few of the essentials, from a classic white shirt to jersey t-shirts and fitted tank tops. Avoid any bold colours and opt for muted hues, mostly white and black, but also grey and beige where appropriate. You can pair these with bottoms like pencil skirts and slacks also in muted hues of black and white, or, if you want to go full quiet luxury, a matching monotone co-ord set. 

It’s all about smart tailoring

What differentiates quiet luxury from other fashion trends is the quality of the materials and the smart, timeless tailoring. A well-fitting or an oversized blazer never fails. Throw away any skinny jeans and get straight leg pants. Go for structured shirts and dresses. Pro tip? Tailors are many and plenty in Thailand, so befriend your nearest one and get those items tailored to fit you the best way.

Linen is perfect for Bangkok quiet luxury

Whilst cashmere and fine-knit wool are most famously associated with quiet luxury, this is a little unrealistic for Bangkok, where temperatures are seldom under 30 degrees. Linen, however, is a perfect quiet luxury alternative for the summer, and is extremely versatile, too.

Vegan leather is your friend

Whilst Shiv Roy’s USD 2000 Altuzarra leather jacket did go a little viral, sustainability is so much hotter right now. Invest in vegan leather brands, which are not necessarily more expensive, and flaunt your care for the planet in the best fashion. Vegan leather brands are often less flashy and logo-less, so they’re perfect for a quiet luxury look. Opt for tote bags in classic brown and beige, as well as flats in the same colour. Faux leather works too, though be mindful of durability. 

Don’t forget your quiet luxury accessories

Succession’s Kendall Roy is no stranger to a good baseball cap, and if you want to follow in his tracks without dropping USD 800, take a few notes. Again, cold and warm earth tones and logo-less designs are key to quiet luxury accessories. Opt for classic shape and structure for your hats and caps, and your sunglasses, too. A silk scarf tied smartly to the side of your shirt or t-shirt collar can also add a lot of quiet luxury to your look. 

How to do quiet luxury on a budget: 5 ways that won’t break the bank

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