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How to take care of your sneakers during the rainy season

You know that sinking feeling when you head out with your fresh white kicks and it suddenly starts pouring buckets?

The rainy season can be a series of dire months for sneakerheads out there. Keeping our kicks fresh during this season can be a bit challenging. However, this doesn’t mean we tuck our sneakers in until the end of the season. Sneaker care brands are the doctors of the sneaker-sphere. Not only do they have solutions for keeping our kicks fresh but dry too. Here’s how you can waterproof your sneakers with the right tools.

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Before we begin, take note of this

Do take into consideration if the fabric of your sneakers requires special care before indulging in water repellent products. Premium sneakers may have high-quality fabrics, but some of them may be more sensitive to certain products. Always opt for aerosol sprays instead of wax-based solutions. The latter tends to de-moisturise the fabrics and affect its texture.

Take a look at each bottle’s details to check how long the effect lasts for. Some repellents tend to darken the fabric upon application. Don’t panic, air them out, and allow the surface to dry. Waterproofing on fabrics may not guarantee 100% dryness. It varies on factors such as fabric, the intensity of water, and exposure.

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How to waterproof your sneakers

  1. Begin with thoroughly cleaning your sneakers, but in a completely dry fashion. Use a damp cloth at best or a brush. It’s important to keep the surface dry so that the solution settles in correctly.
  2. Next, begin spraying the solution onto the sneaker from about 10-15 centimetres away. This way, it allows the aerosol solution to properly spread out instead of collecting and patching the fabric.
  3. Ensure that the sole of the sneaker is covered too. The focus points will be the toe-cap, the side-upper, the collar, and the laces. Strictly, do not to take a break in the process, keep it one continuous.
  4. Once done, carefully place the sneaker leaning onto a wall, at its midsole.

Now that you know how to waterproof your sneakers, here are the best products on the market for it.

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While PUMA designs top-notch trainers, they also provide the right gear to keep clean and dry. This is a more lightweight solution, so you wouldn’t want to go jogging with these sprayed on. It’s perfect for fabrics such as leather, nubuck, suede, and canvas.

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CREP’s solution is powered by nanotechnology. It creates an invisible protective barrier that prevents rain and stains from spoiling your footwear. It isn’t meant for big splashes, but it can keep clean and dry on a light shower. Great for suede, canvas, and leather.

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Bazooka provides waterproof coating for your shoes by coated them in a protective spray. It can also be used on clothes, so you can protect your full look.

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