It’s not just a tribute to crocodiles. 

French luxury brand Lacoste has proudly partnered up with the leading television brand National Geographic to bring us something we never thought we would see: a capsule collection. What makes it a perfect pairing is Lacoste’s timeless silhouettes with National Geographic’s majestic prints of the animal kingdom, creating a whole new caliber for this ready-to-wear collection. Consider it a call to action to remind you of the importance of conversation and a celebration of all the wonderful species in the world — but this time, through fashion. 

Inspired by the very ambitious National Geographic Photo Ark project, this collection has been exclusively created for menswear, womenswear, and even childrenswear. Given that the Photo Ark project led by award-winning photographer Joel Sartore has been a long-term effort to document every species living in the world’s zoos to wildlife sanctuaries, this collaboration ensures we celebrate the diversity of our animal kingdom in full swing.

[All images courtesy of Lacoste]

What’s more, each design has been meticulously created using Sartore’s existing archive of over 10,500 species. The spotlight has been given to four incredible animals based on their extraordinary beauty and vibrant stories: the Grévy’s Zebra, the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, the Halloween Pennant Dragonfly, and the Jaguar. Imagine this: the infamous Lacoste croc going stripe-y like the zebra. Do you love it or love it?

The various items don’t only support the creatures through their design, but are aimed to educate wearers by providing a special hangtag detailing information about each species, too. Did you know, for example, that the spots of a jaguar are called rosettes and while leopards have these too, only the jaguar has spots inside its spots? There are so many more fascinating facts that you can learn from this capsule collection.

Needless to say, this collection has been made with all recycled and sustainable materials. The polyester of the bags is recycled and the organic cotton and rubber used in the polos and footwear have been certified sustainable. 

Expect to cop some fashionable tops, sweaters, classic t-shirts, and even polo shirts with a twist this season. Just like nodding to the way animals transform themselves or camouflage, the padded jacket has been created (available in Zebra and Frog prints), to be reversible from vibrant animal print to the classic navy. 

We challenge you to spot those clever yellow details from the famous design of the National Geographic magazine. Because, after all, when French elegance meets striking patterns of eye-catching species, we know we’re about to set new fashion trends in this urban jungle. 

The Lacoste x National Geographic collection is now available at Lacoste Le Club Flagship Store 2 Fl, Central World, Lacoste Boutiques, Lacoste corner nationwide and online at   

Alisha Pawa
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