Welcome to LSA Walks: a quick, teasing, fast-paced whiz around a chosen area of big Bangkok.

On this little monthly tour, we take along a chosen brand-of-the-moment and let their style and concept do the talking — or rather, the walking. This October, we play ‘Hide and Seek’ with the Gen-Z hit German brand MCM and their adventurous (and slightly mischievous) new collection of that very name. Following around the collection’s mysterious white rabbit motif, we found exploring the wonderland of curious old alleys and curiouser quiet corners of Yaowarat, making a few quick stops along the way. Maybe you’ll recognise some of the more iconic spots of the Chinatown area, but you’ll probably also see some more unfamiliar hidden locations.

Want to find out where all these places are? Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out the answers. Now — grab a camera, your MCM Hide and Seek Rabbit companion, and walk along with us!