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The many, many ways of wearing the Hermès scarf

The Hermès scarf is a much-feted icon. Or rather, its historic wearers are. While recovering from an injured arm in the 1950s, Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly once stepped out wearing an arm sling made from a cleverly repurposed Deo Juvante Monaco silk scarf. Another famous wearer? Queen Elizabeth, whose quintessential fashion staple has long included her scarf worn babushka-style covering her hair and tied under her chin. Madonna began a crazed ’90s trend by swathing one into a much-copied halter top, while not too long ago, Rihanna twisted it into a front-knot bikini top.

The pool of Hermès scarf enthusiasts, which began to form when the classic accessory sprung to life in 1937, is still growing. Since the beginning, each scarf has been woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. Each design is created and hand-printed from original drawings. And despite its silk square thronged with horses, leopards and figurines roaming amidst lines and swirls of jarring themes and shades, the chameleon-like shapeshifter is fundamentally an extension of its wearer.

Just like the infinite bricolage of personalities, preferences and traits, there are more ways than one to wear the Hermès scarf — whether wrapped around the neck, head, waist or wrist. Here, give 15 of them a try, as demonstrated using Le Carrè Hermès Spring 2018’s bright new threads. Off-lookbook experimentations are highly recommended.

For step-by-step video guides to the multifarious ways of tying your Hermès scarf, download the Silk Knots app on the App Store.


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A Rosace de Janos Ber scarf as a front-knot bikini top.

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Two Jaguar Quetzal scarves as a headwrap.

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A Jeu de Cartes scarf as a classic hair-tucked-underneath wrap-around.

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A Marble Silk scarf as a halter top à la 1992 Madonna.

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A giant cashmere-silk scarf cozily dishevelled and bundled up for chic warmth-trapping.

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Two Robe du Soir giant scarves loosely tied to cascade at the front.

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Four Jeu des Omnibus Remix scarves wrapped across the torso as a bandeau top.

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A Fouets et Badines giant tatouage scarf as a wrap halter dress and a Clic-clac tatouage scarf as waist-cinching belt.

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A Les Mustangs bandana as a 2018-apt, cowgirl-emulating neckerchief.

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A silk twill losange scarf as a corset-meets-belt.

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A Chasse aux Pois giant scarf as a statement bow tie.

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A twill plume giant scarf as a seaworthy, Jack Sparrow-chic headwrap.

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A silk twill losange scarf elegantly looped and single-knotted at the front.

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An En Désordre Multico Fleuri maxi-twilly as a headband with side-knot.

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A Mors et Gourmettes Vichy scarf as a center-twisted headband, and a Jeu des Omnibus Remix scarf as a makeshift handbag.

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