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7 Asian fashion brands that are making waves right now

We love the world-famous labels like Gucci, Versace, and Prada. But did you notice how Asian brands have been proudly rising in the global fashion scene lately?

There’s no doubt that when we think of sought-after luxury fashion brands, we’ve got a list ready on our fingertips. But while we love our internationally-designed wear, let’s not forget the smaller emerging Asian fashion brands that are making their way towards the spotlight and creating some new waves in the global fashion industry.

Remember, when Gigi Hadid wore the South Korean brand label Rokh? Or when Rihanna walked the Met Gala red carpet with a gorgeous yellow cape-gown by Chinese designer Guo Pei? The fashion world is shifting paradigms and we are witnessing more and more Asian fashion brands creating an impact and setting new trends for fashion aficionados. And why not? Asian brands are not anywhere behind in terms of creativity, designs, and a great sense of individuality depicted in their collections. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the coolest Asian fashion brands that we think need to be part of your wardrobe.

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South Korean

Between conceptual art with avant-garde elements of women’s wardrobe and a mix of masculine elements, Rokh is a South Korean brand that is the one to keep an eye out for. This South Korean fashion brand by Tok Hwang specialises in producing masculine and feminine materials like twisted seams, exaggerated hemlines, and even cut-open sleeves. It’s a nod towards casually chic wear that follows the idea of “Artisanal Imperfection,” and that’s why we love it even more.

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Mimpi Kita


The Malaysian brand Mimpi Kita, which translates into ‘our dreams’ in the national language, is run by the Zulkifli sisters. The brand aims to promote individuality through the philosophy of curating hand-finished clothes that offer casual luxury and refinement through their fabrics. The designs are made for modern-day women and include day-to-day wear that is office-friendly, too. The well-loved Malaysian brand also curates bespoke bridal pieces if you hear wedding bells ringing anytime soon.

Shop from Mimpi Kita

Gentle Monster

South Korean

It’s gentle by its name, but very fierce by nature. Fashion lovers, if this brand hasn’t captured your heart, we don’t know what will. Gentle Monster has been dominating the fashion scene especially after we saw celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kris Wu, and many others endorsing the brand. Under the philosophy of “Innovational High-end Experiments,” the brand continues to surprise us with its novelty and playfulness. Gentle Monster has certainly shaken up the eyewear industry with its highly experimental frames that speak elegance and delicacy in the most beautiful way.

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Do you fancy cherry-printed coats and quirky slogan tees? Thai brand Sretsis is all about embracing free-spirited women with a touch of rebellious youth and modern sophistication. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, Pim Sukhahuta decided to create a vibrant womenswear line that is all about celebration. After we saw Katy Perry and Beyonce flaunting the Thai brand, the popularity went beyond measure, and we can see why. The adorable floral prints, snazzy polka dot patterns, and playful designs ensure that we opt for Sretsis when in need of a quintessentially quirky look.

Shop from Sretsis

Lantern Sense

Hong Kong

There’s nothing more intriguing than seeing fashion rooting from the art of painting and photography. The Hong Kong-based label by duo Trevor Ng and Lala Yang, started this contemporary womenswear collection that is infused with clean, refined cuts with interesting prints. Incorporating the ideologies of the designers, the label combines luxurious materials with innovative techniques to offer the best designs that reflect their multicultural heritage.

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Comme Des Garçons


The iconic heart-shape logo needs no introduction, and we know that you’re already thinking about those CDG Play Converse sneakers. When Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo got her cut to the Paris scene during the ’80s, the high fashion environment really experienced a change. It was indeed the first Japanese brand to be presented in a Paris fashion show, and thus it gained international recognition. In no time, Comme des Garçons became one of the most influential labels in history and continues to be one of the most popular brands today. This Japanese brand under the French name is the one staple that everyone needs.

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This up-and-coming Indian fashion brand has made rounds by championing eco-fashion in the most unique way. Utilising the ‘upcycle’ and recycle method, Doodlage has been creating garments with the aim of longevity. All the cutting scraps or waste is converted into new fabrics and accessories and they are designed into a fresh new look. A blend of sustainable and high-street fashion, Doodlage is not only chic and modern but also very eco-friendly. It promotes the idea of re-inventing, deconstructing, and developing to create something gorgeous that also has a beautiful story behind it.

Shop from Doodlage

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