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Why men’s jean shorts are considered “ugly” now but it’s okay

If you never knew that your jean shorts were considered ugly fashion, read right on because they’re an upcoming trend to be reckoned with.

What is going on with fashion fans? After sweatsuits, clogs, cycling shorts and Hawaiian shirts, jean shorts are now worming their way into men’s closets — proving, at least, that the rise in ugly fashions isn’t the preserve of womenswear. Whether the denim shorts comeback is good news or bad news, that’s for you to decide. But this summer, men are going to have to contend with jean shorts on the fashion scene, bolstering the now-famous “dad style,” which is evidently continuing to gain ground.

The summer of shorts

While Bermuda shorts and swim shorts — and possibly even sports shorts — are summer fashion must-haves for men, jean shorts hadn’t yet managed to break through. But that now seems to be merely a matter of time given the multitude of models being offered — and actively showcased — by retail brands, as well as luxury fashion houses, for the spring-summer 2021 season. In fact, denim shorts could be all the rage in your vacation destination this year. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

These jean shorts of which we speak — sometimes known as ‘jorts’ — are mostly cut just above, or sometimes below the knee, in relatively long styles. They are usually matched with sneakers, at best, or a pair of flip-flops, or even cowboy boots (yes, really!), and a T-shirt or a tank top (with an American flag, of course). All in all, it’s the kind of look that fits seamlessly into what’s now known as “dad style,” which has already brought its share of pieces as ugly as they are uncool, like the famous dad shoes.

Jean shorts alert: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Levi’s and more

As we seem to have been saying all too often lately, the uncool is back in force! From Crocs and clogs to sweatsuits, sleeveless puffer vests and fleeces… the list is long — and cruel — but very real. These last few months, brands have had a field day serving up variations — in turns chic, extravagant or even totally crazy — of pieces that no one could have imagined wearing less than two years ago. And while we can’t lay the blame entirely on the pandemic, it has to be said that this period did serve to restore the reputation of everything associated with comfort, whether closely or remotely. And denim shorts are a perfect example of this.

It’s therefore not so surprising to see this casual piece come along at a time when lockdowns are easing and the eagerly awaited vacation season is upon us. Big ready-to-wear brands like ASOS and H&M are offering dozens (and dozens) of denim shorts options — including Bermuda shorts — as is denim specialist Levi’s. Luxury fashion houses, however, already seem to have taken jorts to the next level, showcasing much shorter models and no doubt embracing nostalgia head-on. Just take a look at the e-stores of some of the most popular names, like Gucci and Saint Laurent (among others), and you’ll soon see that jean shorts also come in XXS versions, rocking a more co-ed vibe.

Rest assured, however, that denim shorts are available in a wide and numerous range of styles and versions, making jorts a perfect piece to adapt to all styles. Whether baggy or slim, short or long, with or without hems, with or without holes, with frayed ends or an impeccable finish, there’s a pair of jorts out there for everyone to rock on this year’s vacation — and only on vacation, please.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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