As the weather gets a little chilly, it’s time to opt for warmer clothing — whether you’re a human or a dog. 

With the dipping temperatures in town, not only are humans wrapping themselves in pieces that bring joy and warmth; our precious pooches are also getting the puffer jacket treatment, as perfected by Moncler Genius and Poldo Dog Couture’s latest drop for dogs.

Part of Moncler’s Genius collection, an innovative extension of the French House that sees collaborations with notable designers to reimagine its signature puffers (see: JW Anderson colour-blocked interpretation for the Autumn/Winter 2020 season), this collaboration with the Italian luxury dog accessories brand, Poldo Dog Couture, is a continuation of the highbrow, quality, form-meets-function pieces found within the Genius sub-line — except this one is specifically created for all your four-legged friends.

[All images courtesy of Moncler]

From gilets to raincoats, the nine-piece collection — charmingly renamed as ‘Mondog’ — is a well-rounded range that leads with convenience and comfort, above all else, and incorporates reversible, packable and lightweight qualities in its designs. Mindful of the vast range of breeds, six sizes are available and have been specially tailored for a heat-insulating, perfectly snug fit whether it be for the teeniest Chihuahua to the larger, heftier German Shepherd. 

Returning are stalwart Moncler classics: a signature padded, puffed duvet vest, lacquered in the signature shiny nylon veneer. Within the rainbow range, a deep forest green and vivid crimson joins the spectrum, just in the nick of time for those colour-coordinated holiday family photos. The brand’s celebrated silhouettes, Bady and Badymore (made especially for pet parents), have also been miniaturised and redesigned in a multi-shaded all-terrain print, perfect for matching looks during brisk winter-morning walks around the block; its ease and effortless wear is demonstrated by a happy-go-lucky wire-haired dachshund pattering in frame of the video lookbook.

The carefully considered, style-driven pieces do not end there, and introduces a reflective jacket spun from 100 percent silver film built over a cosy nylon jersey mesh for this season — happily approved by a smiley-faced Frenchie. It aligns well with the futuristic, space-age narrative of the collection trailer, set within a grey, industrial-like puppy salon with poised, pampered pets — fur trimmed, nails clipped — donning the same outerwear. Crinkled-up and texturised, the metallic exterior offers sparks of light-catching glints; an ideal wardrobe addition for voguish canines come new year’s eve, perhaps?

Wary of a rainy forecasts, a waterproof cape also adds to the line-up for a climate-adaptable choice. Designed to be worn alone or over a down-filled vest, the foldable cloak is fitted with adjustable drawstrings, a mini zippered pouch (for on-the-go treats, doggie accessories and such) and arrive in eye-catching hues: neon orange, bright yellow, and rich emerald — a delightful sight for tired eyes.

So the next time you’re tapping ‘Add to Basket’ on elevated loungewear and smarter upgrades for your home, pick out a Moncler puffer for your pupper; the value of it may not exactly translate, but the sight of them wearing one of these is sure to bring you plenty of joy.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.

Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
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