We already know him for his glamorous dress designs, his sophisticated tailoring, and his luxurious silks and fabrics. But there’s another side to Polpat Asavaprapha, the founding designer of Asava Group, that is still yet to be expressed through fashion. After 11 years of making a name for himself in the industry as the pinnacle of glamorous elegance, Polpat has now launched his first casual menswear and lifestyle brand: MOO.

The name is fitting. Not only is it the designer’s own nickname, a more playful and laidback way of addressing him, but it’s also part of many Thai idioms that refer to easy, non-serious, laughable things. The brand plays with hashtags such as #MooMooThings and #MooMooStories, which are phrases literally translated from these Thai sayings. The fun, happy-go-lucky brand launched with a buzzing party at the pop-up store in Central World last week, but its first collection is now all available to purchase online. Take a look at all the fun and games that were available at the store, as well as the cool pieces from the unisex line.

[All images courtesy of MOO.]


Pieces from the new label are simple, but have interesting vintage touches and quirky details. Polpat was inspired by American college style, reflecting the image of carefree, sporty, youthful days. To create this artistic vibe, the pop-up store was decorated with New Yorker news kiosks selling caps and T-shirts alongside sweets, chocolate bars, and newspapers.


There’s also a functionality to the clothes, which are designed to make wearers feel as comfortable as possible while still looking effortlessly cool. The workwear designs have a utility aesthetic that works well with the current trends towards gender-fluid fashion.


“The pieces are classic but filled with unique touches that represent personal taste and style. They’re cool and casual, as gentlemen should be,” comments the designer. “In Thai, ‘moo moo’ means easy. And I want dressing up to be easy for everyone”.

What we’ll also be seeing with MOO is a lot of collaboration projects with other leading Thai brands, such as Mc Jeans, the staple denim label in Thailand.

With easy-to-wear, functional, and vintage-chic clothes for everyone, MOO is a brand that stands for the chill side of life. Join the MOO lifestyle, and head to www.moomoothings.com to shop all things, well, “moo moo”.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/moomoothings

Instagram: www.instagram.com/moo.moo.things

Karn Chatikavanij
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