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Top picks: Oliver Spencer and Chloé Stòra lands in Another Story’s FW19 collection

As one of Bangkok’s coolest concept stores, Another Story has just launched their latest Fall/Winter fashion collection. Together with Another Man Story, your one-stop shop for cool, top-quality menswear in Bangkok, the store constantly stocks an eclectic range of international – and sometimes pretty niche brands – for everything from fashion to homewares to tech accessories. But earlier this week, they’ve been embracing their impressively global connection with fashion brands and have newly introduced two hugely “of-the-moment” labels as part of their Fall/Winter 2019 collection. Oliver Spencer, a menswear label from London, and Chloe Stora, a French womenswear line, are now exclusively available for you to shop at Another Story and Another Man Story. Here’s why we’re loving these brands right now and a few selections of our favourite pieces.

[Images courtesy of Another Story.]

Oliver Spencer

If you’ve been struggling to find a chic smart-casual brand for menswear in Bangkok, struggle no more. For their new menswear collection, Another Story has introduced Oliver Spencer to their selection of cool, modern international brands. Hailing from the UK, Oliver Spencer’s pieces are inspired by the art, architecture, and culture of London. The designer is an expert in tailoring, and the sleek, structured, yet casual pieces perfectly embody the charm and taste of the modern English Gentleman. He combines traditional sewing that delivers the luxury of formal clothing, but with a modern sense of fashion that’s designed for daily wear and casual occasions.


Environmentally conscious

The materials used for Oliver Spencer pieces are all high-quality premium fabrics, including organic cottons and sustainable wool and linen. Spencer was determined to create a sustainable brand and was committed to ensuring that every design he makes must be useful and protect the environment in some way. His organic fabrics help to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers which are major causes of the greenhouse effect and water pollution.

Our top pick

The highlight of the collection for us is the Judo Pant, which is one of Oliver Spencer’s signature creations. The smart casual trousers are designed with a contemporary mindset but a traditional style. It’s got a relaxed loose fit, but is smartly high-waisted. The material is a special material of durable Eden fabric.


More from the collection

Oliver Spencer is available at Another Man Story, 1/F Emquartier, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 (10am-8pm). 

Chloé Stora

This French brand is a stylish, office-friendly, women’s daywear line that’s distinctive for their minimalist lines yet unique vibrant prints. Inspired by her constantly changing environment as she was growing up, Chloé Stora’s brand develops from the photographs, architecture, character, and even unique scents of cities she’s loved — from the energy of New York to the colours of Marrakesh.

Feminine power outfits

What we love about the styles from Chloe Stora is that she’s taken details from traditional menswear, such as the lapels and pockets of suit jackets, and gives them a delicacy of women’s style that makes them easier to wear yet still fit for business hours. The looks perfectly capture the modern idea of feminine power, embracing the urban lifestyles of strong-spirited women. The varied looks also reflect the different sides one women can have, highlighting the idea that a woman’s character can never be ruled under a single definition.

The perfect trousers

Chloe Stora makes a great option for women looking for stylish yet professional business outfits. The designer got her start by making trousers, perfecting the tailoring and texture of the perfect essential pair — now known as the Priscille Pants. This is a straight cut, off-white, casually elegant pair of trousers with a front pleat which you can get in a variety of fabrics. It makes a great versatile wardrobe staple since you can pretty much style it with everything from a preppy jacket to a pair of strappy heels.

Our top pick

Apart from the Priscille pants, we also love the fabulous Raita Long Dress. Its long-sleeved, floral-printed, flowing silhouette has a boho-chic aesthetic that is both cool and comfortable. It’s also ankle length, which allows it to be easily styled with a pair of tough boots to give the look a more complex mood.

More from the collection

Chloe Stora is available at Another Story, 4/F Emquartier, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 (10am-8pm). 

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