Sneakerheads, here’s a piping hot pair of shoes dressed in a beautiful palette. 

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger had announced earlier this month their collaboration with the Japanese professional makeup artist brand Shu Uemura, to launch a new pair of sneakers. Both Japanese global brands have always had a well-liked reputation and have continued to emerge with a pioneering spirit that hasn’t changed since their foundation. 

While Onitsuka Tiger continues to bring their contemporary collection that blends in fashion with sports, heritage, with innovation, Shu Uemera proposes the concept of “individual beauty” that allows self-expression for millennials. 

What’s the collection?

Onitsuka Tiger and Shu Uemura have joined hands to release a pair of sneakers and eleven cosmetic items in five categories as part of this new exciting project. 

What’s the inspiration?

Onitsuka Tiger’s new model “DELEGATION EXTM” takes a route back to the shoes worn by a Japanese sports team in 1964. The appearance of the sneaker and the materials all reflect a shade of Shu Uemera’s cosmetics. Think, glossy enamel with contrasting smooth cow leather. As for the colour, vivid Tokyo Red makes the cool signature colour. The urban and sporty look is achieved by spare shoelaces in the same colour at both ends with the logo of each brand printed on the side.

Shu Uemera’s items in five categories include all the essentials — fresh new eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, cleansing oils, foundation brushes, and eyelash curler. But that’s not all. All of the items will be featuring the iconic Onitsuka Tiger Stripes along with vivid key colours of Tokyo Red, Energy Orange, and Indigo Blue to produce a dynamic and upbeat mood. Altogether, this vibrant set of items will bring a new wave of how sneakers meet cosmetics. 

The collaboration sneakers were launched on May 15 on Onitsuka Tiger’s website and are also available at Onitsuka Tiger Siam Square One store.

Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.