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Are ‘Pajama Suits’ the new uniform of the COVID era?

The half suit, half pajamas outfit is here. 

One thing is for sure, COVID-19 has brought out interesting new fashion trends never like before. And, it’s questionable whether the pandemic brought an end to the suit and tie staple. After the first lockdown, suit sales have gone down and brands are turning towards more casual outfits. Not to mention, Japanese-based Aoki Holdings has presented its first-ever hybrid creation between suit and pajamas for men seeking comfort and elegance — and, it’s called “Pajamas Suits.”

The global health crisis has only reinforced and accelerated a trend that was already in the spirit of the times. While suits have always been de rigueur, in recent years many men have taken the liberty of jettisoning their ties when temperatures soared. But lockdowns seem to have finished this outfit, worn all around the world. After all, why wear a suit when you’re at the home office? You might as well go casual… unless you have to deal with video conferencing all day long. So pajamas or suits?

The Aoki Holdings company has resolved the issue, coming up with “THE” ideal solution to the current evolution of men’s work attire needs: the “Pajamas Suit.” In short, the basis of the clothing of the future. Clothes that will allow these gentlemen to no longer have to choose between home clothes and work clothes, which will offer them the possibility to be comfortable in any circumstance.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Benjamin Rascoe/Unsplash]

It’s both comfortable and elegant

Make no mistake, while homewear may be the big winner when it comes to fashion inspired by year 2020, it is not a fleeting trend directly related to lockdowns. This need for protection, comfort and even cocooning should continue next year… with one exception. On both sides, brands and consumers alike, the trend is expected to evolve, with comfort and elegance now coming together. The aim is to look distinguished, but only if you feel good in these clothes. Aoki’s “Pajamas Suits” are the perfect answer to these societal changes.

Available to buy in Aoki stores, as well as on the company’s e-shop, these new types of suits are distinguished by the materials used. While they may in some ways resemble a traditional suit in terms of design, they are made from a comfortable, stretchy fabric, which allows wearers to feel as comfortable as they would in pajamas. The objective is to look neat, in videoconferencing as well as for a few minutes outdoors, while being able to move freely.

The first “Pajamas Suits” are available in navy or gray. Aoki also offers models for women, in black or grey. The ensemble starts at 9,980 yen for a jacket and pants, or about THB 2,891.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.