Fashionistas, are you ready?

Pinterest’s 400 million users will now get access to Fashion Week catwalks and every related event. The current Fashion Month is bringing upon the Spring/Summer 2021 collections that will be making their way to social media networks from September 28 via the “Today” in search engine. Or, simply key in “Fashion Week” to get your dose of the catwalk.

[Hero Image credit: Pixabay/Pexels; Feature Image credit: Pixabay/pandreykulikov]

Fashion Week presentations were once among the most exclusive events, and yet they are becoming increasingly accessible to millions of internet users worldwide. How did this happen? The global health crisis, and more significantly the various lockdowns, have had a major impact on the fashion industry. Fashion players have had to reinvent themselves to pursue their activities all the while adhering to social-distancing measures imposed by governments. It’s for this reason that fashion houses opted for digital shows in June and July, while others are offering both physical and digital access to the current Spring/Summer 2021 presentations.

And social media platforms have been quick to realise that this digital transformation could be a boon for them. Chinese network TikTok launched collaborations with various labels to offer premium content, now it’s Pinterest’s turn to partner with Launchmetrics to allow its users to follow the most talked-about presentations.

As of September 28, Pinterest users will be able to discover video digests, exclusive video content, interviews with designers and virtual backstage footage. Needless to say that the social network’s users will be able to access the various looks and interpretations to use them as sources of inspiration on the network.

September 28 is also the date for the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week to kick off, which will run through October 6 with physical and digital presentations.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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