In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the legendary Nike Air Max 90 (and also Air Max Day on 26 March 2020) the resale platform StockX has published rankings of the most popular and most expensive versions of one of the world’s most coveted sneakers. The Air Max 90 “Mars Landing” leads the field as the version most sought-after by sneaker fans.

For three decades Air Max 90s have brought joy to sneaker enthusiasts, who have massively adopted a string of models as essential fashion accessories, and, in some cases, must-have collectables. Little wonder then that this brand of iconic sneakers, which has conquered the hearts of millions around the world, is one of the best known on the planet. To celebrate 30 years of the Air Max 90, which first launched in 1990, StockX has published rankings of the top-10 most expensive and the top-10 most popular versions, which are based on searches and the latest pricing data from the resale website.

The most popular Air Max 90 is the Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing, according to StockX.

As to the winner, the model that is the most popular is none other than the Air Max 90 “Mars Landing,” which stands out with an orange and black design that recalls the colour scheme of depictions of the red planet. Hot on the heels of this leader are three more recent models, all of which emerged from collaborations with fashion label Off-White: the Air Max 90 Off-White Black, the Air Max 90 Off-White Desert Ore, and the Air Max 90 Off-White. Two ultra-colourful versions, the Air Max 90 Be True 2019 and the Air Max 90 Viotech OG, are respectively positioned in fifth and sixth place in the ranking.

In the top-10 most expensive models, the Air Max 90 Dizzee Rascal Tongue N Cheek leads the field. The most recent quote for a pair of these sneakers was a whopping 2,896.24 euros. Respectively ranked second and third, are the Air Max 90 Warhawk 2007 (2,504.10 euros) and the Air Max 90 Kaws Black Volt (2,194.05 euros).

The 10 most popular Air Max 90s:

1. Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing.
2. Nike Air Max 90 Off-White Black.
3. Nike Air Max 90 Off-White Desert Ore.
4. Nike Air Max 90 Off-White.
5. Nike Air Max 90 Be True 2019.
6. Nike Air Max 90 Viotech OG.
7. Nike Air Max 90 South Beach.
8. Nike Air Max 90 NIC.
9. Nike Air Max 90 Viotech.
10. Nike Air Max 90 Atmos We Love Nike Bright Crimson.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.