The Thai accessories brand Resort Teal is making its waves across the scene. Seeing how our favourite model Nida Vanida Golten and stylish celebrity Pim Bubear are wearing it, Resort Teal is fast becoming a fashion staple for Thai trendsetters. And the accessories brand does boast a collection of ocean-inspired handmade jewellery and bags that has us swooning with shopping lust.

Fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to interview founder and creative designer Pynnita ‘Tai’ Komin about her designs and aspirations for Resort Teal. Check out the interview below to find out more about this new and exciting brand.

All accessories featured are available for purchase online via Resort Teal.

Why did you decide to change career paths and start Resort Teal?

Before I founded the brand, I was writing for various magazines and working as a SEO content manager at a tech startup. Although I didn’t have much experience in jewellery design, I’ve always enjoyed making DIY crafts and creating my own accessories. One day, my friends asked me to make some for them and suggested that I could do it commercially. And that’s how it all began.Resort Teal

What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started your own brand?

The beginning is always one of the most challenging stages. Designing products from scratch is not as difficult as finding the right suppliers who are able to deliver desired materials. The process was like an experiment. It took me several months to adjust and finalise the materials [for accessories making]. What I learned from it is not to stop until you find the right ones.

Resort Teal

Where does your inspiration come from?

I’ve always been fascinated with the ocean and its exquisite elements like coral reefs and vibrantly coloured fish. [Seaside escapes] give you a uniquely positive feeling like no other travel destinations can. So, I add ocean-themed details into the collections in order to give my customers a feeling of relaxation even on a busy day.

Resort Teal

How do the products differentiate from others on the market?

I’ve collected a lot of ocean-themed accessories long before starting the brand, and I find that most products available on the market are mass produced and look much alike, which make them become less special. [Because of that,] our brand tends to focus more on unique designs. About 60% of our products are handmade, in-house and outsourced, and each design’s number is limited. Another main focus is the materials that we use — we don’t (and never will) incorporate fish skin or real sea creatures into our accessories as we believe they are most beautiful where they belong. Also, partial proceeds of our sales go to marine conservation charities, including Manta Trust and International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Resort Teal

What is the story behind the Hyacinth bag?

Our collection of Hyacinth bags is made by a group of housewives who are skillful at weaving in Phayao Province. They collect and dry natural water hyacinth and turn it into beautiful handcrafted products. Earlier [last year], invasive water hyacinth wreaked havoc on local waterways, but the community was able to transform the problem into a beneficial solution by organising groups of ladies to develop their own weaving products and accept private orders (including ours).

Resort Teal

Do you plan on having more sustainably made products?

Absolutely. I’m currently planning on making natural tie-dye clothes and hyacinth sandals, which will possibly be launched by the end of the year.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future of Resort Teal?

I hope that our brand will be able to help raise awareness of marine conservation in Thailand and around the world. I also have a plan to open a small space to host art and accessories-making workshops and display artworks.

Resort Teal

What is your favourite product thus far?

The Lobster keychain. Its vibrant shade instantly brightens up my look. And it’s one of our best-selling products at the moment.