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Why Rimowa luggage bags can stand the test of time and style

There is no name in the game greater than Rimowa when it comes to luggage that is worthy of investment.

The German brand is well known the world over as a brand steeped in the rich histories of travel, and the accompaniment of the most stylish globe trotters. But what makes the aluminium baggage so desirable? And how does one even begin to tell the difference between them? We delved a little deeper to uncover the story, and see why Rimowa is a brand worth trusting, even as trends come and go.

The first-ever design of Rimowa bags.

First off, a short trip down memory lane on how Rimowa got to where it is today. It started out in Cologne, Germany back in 1898, using vintage wood to create its luggage bags. In the 1930s, a fire at its factory destroyed most of its materials except aluminium. This is when it revolutionised the industry by producing metallic cases. It was also around this time that Rimowa introduced the signature grooves design into its suitcases.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 did it decide to use high-tech polycarbonate in place of aluminium, thus turning the industry on its head once again. From then on, it has been smooth sailing for the German company.

Best in class

What makes Rimowa the best when it comes to creating luggage bags? For starters, it features a wide array of colours for one to pick from. While many brands are doing the same, Rimowa ensures it doesn’t make itself look tacky. The colour palettes are vibrant yet tasteful at the same time.

Ever since the transition to polycarbonate, the brand has grown leaps and bounds in terms of innovation. Firstly, it is because of the materials used that its luggage bags and suitcases are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re travelling to the heart of the Sahara Desert or in the cold depth of Antarctica, Rimowa’s luggage will not fail you.

It has also been able to create suitcases and bags in a variety of sizes, ranging from check-in to cabin and trunk. And while these differ in sizes, Rimowa ensures that bags are lightweight and durable. You’ll never have to worry about your belongings tumbling around within.

Safety and movement are also important, which is why in 2001, it introduced the patented Multiwheel system. Its bags also feature TSA-certified locks as well as two seals of approval from TÜV RHEINLAND in terms of safety.

Choices, choices, choices…

Admittedly, there are plenty of bags and suitcases to choose from; it can be infuriating. It’s also hard to tell them apart, aside from its design. However, Rimowa is all about ensuring you get the bag or suitcase you need for your travels. The biggest argument one can find is, “what is the difference between the Classic and Original design?”

For starters, the ‘Classic’ is its heritage design; it doesn’t come with any vibrant colours, sticking with its classic titanium look. It’s also only available in five sizes — Trunk, Cabin, Cabin S, Check-In M, and Check-In L. It’s also slightly boxier than the ‘Original’, sticking to its design that dates back to the early 1900s.

As for the ‘Original’, it is more of Rimowa’s iconic status symbol to the world. Its edges are slightly curvier; it comes in a wide variety of colours, and also in many different sizes. This includes Trunk Plus, Trunk S, Cabin Plus, and Cabin Twist alongside the other five sizes stated earlier.

In the end, Rimowa is more than just a brand that makes and sells bags. It provides an experience to its clients and users, ensuring that it is a brand worth trusting.

All images courtesy of Rimowa.

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