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Drop everything: a Sailor Moon x O&B limited edition collection has just landed

Fandoms, girldoms, and all kinds of other “-doms” are going crazy this week for one of the hottest collaborations this season. The Sailor Moon x O&B limited edition collection has burst into stores — with all the sparkles, magical fantasy, and pinkness you can expect. O&B has already long established itself as one of the most loved shoe brands in Thailand, with their famously comfortable ballet shoes. Really — their signature Audrey flats are so soft they feel like butter against your feet. And with a classic design and a huge range of colours, you can bet that any girl in Bangkok who can call herself fashionable owns at least one pair.

Now, with the most exciting partnership with an all-time favourite Japanese manga, O&B has again struck the hearts of girls all over Bangkok. The Sailor Moon x O&B collaboration makes O&B the first ever Thai shoe brand to have an official license from the Japanese anime series. Take a closer look at the special edition shoes here.

[All images courtesy of O&B]


Keeping the Audrey shoes’ signature lightweight structure and comfy fit, the Sailor Moon x O&B collection is still as wearable as any O&B shoe. You’ll be able to see through the whole day (and night) in these ballet pumps featuring the iconic Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart made of shiny enamel.


There are five designs with different colours and embroidery to choose from. Feeling sunny? Go for the Usagi Dream — a bright yellow colour with the signature heart motif.

For something a little more romantic, go for the Tuxedo Rose, which is inspired by the character Tuxedo Mask’s trademark red rose. It’s also decorated with some dazzling stars.

Definite the most chic — the Black Luna is inspired by Luna, Usagi’s black guardian cat. This pair’s decorated with adorable cat motifs. Feline lovers, you know what to do.

If you’re embracing the more fantasy side of the Sailor Moon universe, then the Silver Crystal is the pair for you. The shoes take on a hologram silver inspired by the Moon Crystal Power Make Up, which  is what gives power to Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon. Powers aren’t just about warriors though — this pair is decorated with cute ribbons.

Another gorgeous pair is the Moon Tiara — a metallic gold inspired by Sailor Moon’s Tiara Boomerang, her signature healing attack. Here we have the iconic crescent moon motif.

Each design comes with a pretty ribbon in the same colour as the shoe which can be used to tie around like proper ballet shoes. This collection really is quite unmissable.


Want to get more in the Sailor Moon mood? Visit the flagship O&B store at Emporium to immerse yourself in the full fantasy experience. There you’ll find a special mirror that will transform you into a Sailor Moon character. There’s also an arcade machine packed with special Sailor Moon gifts. Oh, and there’s also a huge crescent moon you can sit on to become Sailor Moon yourself. What are you waiting for?

Enter the realm of Sailor Moon at the O&B store now and shop the limited edition Sailor Moon x O&B collection. 1/F Emporium, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 (10am-8pm).

Drop everything: a Sailor Moon x O&B limited edition collection has just landed

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