We could have never predicted that biker shorts would end up being so popular — and so versatile.

Synonymous with the likes of models off-duty, urban street fashionistas, and even the late Lady Diana, biker shorts have long departed their stomping grounds at the gym and on the bicycle, and made it into the mainstream.

Paired with an oversized t-shirt, a hoodie (yes hiso Bangkokians, we see you), or a crop top if you’re confident, biker shorts have something irresistibly cool about them. They’re so effortless. They’re so sporty chic. They’re so easy to wear – and comfortable to flaunt, too.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite biker shorts of the minute. Whether you use them to actually work out or just head down to the grocery store, none of us here are judging you. We think you look great.

[Hero Image Credit: Tory Sport; Featured Image Credit: Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram]


We had to start with a classic black pair. We love these shorts by Commando for their stretch-leather material, giving common biker shorts a glamorous upgrade. Easy to wear with just about anything, you could go from sneakers to heels to slippers, and no one would bat an eyelid. The magic of the biker short in 2021.

The vibe: Carrying an iced Americano, wearing a tailored blazer, working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living

Approx. THB 3483
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How often do you see white biker shorts? A lesser traditional colour for biker shorts, we’re loving this pair by Thai brand Tooch Active. It’s definitely a more delicate and feminine hue to sport, and is thereby also quite fun to experiment with.

The vibe: You go to barre class and you eat no carbs after 6pm

THB 1650
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Did you know Burberry made stretch shorts? Now you do. We’re obsessed with the signature ‘TB’ monogram on these shorts, which are modelled after classic cycling shorts. A great cut to pair with sleek plain tops, let the logo do the talking here.

The vibe: You should be in London right now but here you are

Approx. THB 15,487
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Whilst they are designed for the gym, something about these Heroine Sport shorts makes us want to wear them just about anywhere. Featuring metallic-pink stretch fabric and a high-rise waist band, they’re the party-going cousin to regular biker shorts. We’re big fans.

The vibe: Brunch in Koh Phangan after Zumba class

Approx. THB 4,073
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For all those who love a cheeky slogan, this pair is you’re calling. Whilst right now we can’t catch any flights, we appreciate the joke, and love the idea of wearing this on days where we don’t want to take life too seriously.

The vibe: We can talk after my coffee

THB 649
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Always big fans of tie-dye for the summer, Tory Sport makes this beautiful ensemble featuring ribbed biker shorts. We like the less crazy and more sophisticated dark blue tie dye here, suited well to our at-home gym or just our at-home joys.

The vibe: Lounging at your Hua Hin beach house

Approx. THB 4091
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Ending our list with the cosiest pair of them all, FRESH goes for a comfortable rendition of the biker short. Made from soft cashmere, we couldn’t think of anything better to spend this partial lockdown in. Very luxe. Very lush.

The vibe: More Sauvignon Blanc please

Approx. THB 10,924
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Lisa Gries
Creative Content Director, Bangkok
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