Flaunt those calf muscles.

Summer has officially arrived in Bangkok city and whilst the heat and the sweat isn’t very Gucci, we’re definitely loving the chance to switch up our wardrobe for the season.

This 2021, we’re loving shorts for casual or even smart casual events. Whilst we still prefer long trousers for evenings, it’s undeniable that men’s shorts are the it-item for the daytime.

Why? It’s all about pairing, really. Add some loafers or a crisp shirt and you will look less “just got back from BASE” and more “let’s get the Bouillabaisse.” Versatility is the name of the game, and you can wear them with sneakers or with t-shirts, you can let the top do the talking or the bottom do the flaunting. Almost anything goes, really, so here we’ve put together a fool-proof selection of our favourites.

Some of these are swim shorts, too, for those who are lunching by the beach. We’re jealous.

[Featured Image Credit: JBB* via Facebook; Hero Image Credit: Frescobol Carioca via Facebook]

Frescobol Carioca Felipe Slim-fit Linen and Cotton-blend Drawstring Shorts

We’re going to start with the basics. Every man needs a classic pair of shorts, and every man needs to own something made from linen. This pair by the fabulous casual menswear brand Frescobol Carioca smashes two birds with one stone of style. Made from fine Italian linen that is blended with cotton, here’s a pair that will last you long, given that it pairs well with both shirts and t-shirts. A closet staple.

Wear to: A Mediterranean restaurant
Pair with: Espadrilles, and pretend you’re in Europe

Approx. THB 9156
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Howlin’ Holiday Cotton-ripstop Drawstring Shorts

Howlin’ produces only a limited number of each item, so snatch them up while you can. We love that this pair of shorts is made from durable cotton-ripstop with a contrasting waistband. It’s an ideal choice for those men who appreciate these little details and don’t want to get overly flashy with it.

Wear to: A weekend trip to Kanchanaburi with potential waterfall-scouting
Pair with: A grey tee, for a subdued safari-inspired look

Approx. THB 5691
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Timo Trunks Edition Escher Yellow

Whilst it’s hard to settle on just one pair of Timo Trunks (we always end up buying an entire collection), here’s a great one for those who want something that is contemporary and yet somewhat timeless. A pop of colour never hurt nobody, and this limited edition seasonal print is grand proof. We love the slightly geometric design, which gives these swim shorts a really sophisticated edge.

Wear to: Cocktails at a fabulous beach bar
Pair with: A navy blue shirt and nice loafers

Approx. THB 4,333
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Beams Plus Printed Cotton Shorts

Here’s a nice pick for those casual weekends and sleepy mid-mornings. This pair of cotton shorts by Beams Plus features a batik-style print for a nice homey vibe. Featuring an elasticated waistband and lined with breathable mesh, we like this pair for a quick coffee run, or a drop by the grocery store to pick up baguettes for bae back at home.

Wear to: The farmer’s market to pick up some artisanal cheeses
Pair with: A fun-coloured plain tee

Approx. THB 8660
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JBB* Beige Cotton Twill Two-tuck Shorts

For those days when you want to go a little shorter on the length but still maintain an air of formality, opt for this design by JBB*. The Thai menswear brand presents this pair of tailored shorts with double forward pleats crafted out of 3-ply Japanese cotton twill. The white hue is the perfect colour for summer, and reminds us of cocktails in The Hamptons with a dress code that called for all white.

Wear to: Brunch with people you want to impress
Pair with: Suede boat shoes

THB 3700
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Missoni Slim-fit Checked Crochet-knit Cotton and Wool-blend Shorts

How can such a sophisticated design look so casual? Missoni has the answer. These crochet-knit cotton and wool-blend shorts may not be the ideal fabric for summer, but if you’re more of an AC guy than a breach breeze guy, they could still do the trick. We love the classic checked pattern, presented in a modern millennial manner in these shorts. Very on trend.

Wear to: A date where his/her opinion matters to you
Pair with: A white tee. Let the shorts do the talking here

Approx. THB 41,571
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SMR Days Cotton-Jacquard Drawstring Shorts

Inspired by artisanal textile techniques from travels around India, SMR uses intricate embroidery for this pair of shorts to create a fun geometric design. We love that the design does not cover the entire length of the shorts, bringing something a little artsy to the overall look. You know how to have fun and you appreciate the arts.

Wear to: A road trip to Hua Hin
Pair with: Leather sandals

Approx. THB 12,372
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Gucci + Ken Scott Wide-leg Floral-print Silk-crepe Shorts

We end our list with the most extravagant pair of the lot. You’ve probably spotted these Gucci shorts when Ken Scott unveiled his floral motifs for the brand earlier this year, and you probably love them as much as we do. Inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, the silk-crepe shorts showcase oversized daisies that are synonymous with the American designer, and definitely scream “I have arrived” to whatever venue you enter this weekend.

Wear to: A fashion party
Pair with: Go the full mile and get the matching shirt, too

Approx. THB 32,168
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Lisa Gries
Creative Content Director, Bangkok
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