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5 eco-friendly Thai loungewear brands to wear all over your house

Fashion should always make you and the planet feel good. That’s why it’s important to shop eco-friendly. Here are our favourite Thai eco-friendly loungewear brands to wear at home during the lockdown.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support small local Thai businesses. It is also important to make smart choices when it comes to the environment, and this includes everything from shopping local businesses and changing your diet to shopping eco-friendly fashion brands. Supporting Thai brands does not only help the people within our communities but also helps the environment.

Instagram stores and local businesses deliver their packages in short distances, making sure that the carbon footprint stays small. Eco-friendly clothing will give you a clear conscience, though comfortability is still key. Thai eco-friendly loungewear, produced locally, might be what you’re looking for.

With the pandemic holding us hostage in our own homes, getting dressed in formal attire is the last thing on our minds. It’s not all bad though. Being stuck at home has taught us that being comfortable is the best thing. Loungewear always makes sure you’re comfortable. Here are some Thai eco-friendly loungewear brands that will keep you comfortable and leave your mind guilt-free.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Siamese Dreams]

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Started by Kanjira Songpaisan, Taktai is a great way to say hello to the world of environmentally-friendly loungewear. Made with 100% natural bamboo fibre, Taktai’s items ensure both quality and comfort. They try to involve the local community in their production, and feature products with minimalistic designs. This allows your clothes to stay timeless so that you can keep them for a longer period. Very eco-friendly.

[Image Credit: Taktai via Facebook]

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This eco-friendly brand has partnered with natural cotton farmers, artisanal communities, and local craftspeople. Their materials are all locally sourced, organic, and chemical-free — some are even created from the off-cut fabric from previous creations. Founder Passawee Kodaka takes pride in appreciating weaving techniques that are a part of Thai culture. Not only is the production of the clothing ethically conscious but so are the after-sales. Half of their sales go back to people who help produce their clothing. Even when they get delivered, 90% of their packaging is recycled or biodegradable.

[Image Credit: Folkcharm via Facebook]

Perfect for a full day in bed or even working from home, Siamese Dreams makes clothing perfect for all occasions. After not finding loungewear that was both playful and consciously made, founder Mika Wassenaar took matters into her own hands by creating Siamese Dreams. The brand is based in Phuket, taking inspiration from its surroundings.

[Image Credit: Siamese Dreams via Facebook]

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One way to reduce waste is to order clothes that are made-to-order, and that is exactly what Sasi Knits does. Making sure you can lounge in style, Sasi Knits comes out with designs that are perfect for any occasion. Crop tops can be paired with anything, making sure that they can be dressed up or down. They are not only minimalistic, but they are also colourful with design choices that could last longer than you think.

[Image Credit: Sasi Knits via Facebook]

One man’s trash might be another man’s treasure. Madmatter Studio aims to transform waste into clothing that is worth something. Featuring contemporary designs and quality fabrics, you wouldn’t even know that these pieces were reworked and renewed. Using playful colours, their items are fun and easy to pair.

[Image Credit: Madmatter Studio via Facebook]

5 eco-friendly Thai loungewear brands to wear all over your house

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