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The 7 most important bralettes every woman needs in her life

In case you missed, every woman needs a bralette in her life. Ideally, every woman should own at least seven. Here’s our two cents.

First things first: a bralette is not a bra. A bralette is the sensual, more sophisticated sister of the bra, often featuring a bit more material, and mostly considered okay-appropriate to wear out of the house. The bralette, in recent years, has made appearances on various celebrities, as they realised it has so much more to offer than your average crop top, and also is a lot more fun to dress up.

You could wear it with a blazer to events. You could wear it with wide-legged palazzos at the beach. You could wear it at home. You could wear it on a date.

A bralette could be your best-kept secret. Worn under your clothes for subtle sneak peeks or on top of a crisp shirt as the centre of attention, here are seven ways you could sport it — and where.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Rally Movement]


Rally Movement Knit Bra

Emulate being a lady at the French Riviera, and get yourself a summer bralette. Not to be confused with a bikini top, the summer bralette is made of a more rustic-chic material like crochet or knit. We love this rendition by Rally Movement, featuring a contrasting black and white design that really plays with the eyes. Sleek your hair back for evening soirees or let it do a voluminous beach wave. Walking summer elegance.

How to wear it: Linen culottes or long shorts, preferably linen
Where to wear it: Beach date in St. Tropez (or just Samui)
Price: THB 1490

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Pomelo Lace Hem Bralette

The uber famous Calvin Klein bras or bralettes are very cute for lounging, but for days when you want something that doesn’t look too much like underwear, play with your materials. For an outfit that could just about pass as something you could wear outside, we’re loving this Pomelo Lace Hem Bralette in a delicate green hue. It’s like you’re wearing pyjamas, but you could still pick up a spontaneous FaceTime call from your crush and feel “dressed up” enough.

How to wear it: With matching satin pyjama pants (silk scrunchies optional)
Where to wear it: Movie night at home
Price: THB 690

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Alex Perry Ash Satin-crepe Bralette

We love the way #BossLady fashion is evolving in recent years, and the business bralette is a key staple. Re-imagining the three-piece suit, the business bralette comes together with matching high-waist suit trousers and a blazer, and is most effective if these are all in the same colour scheme. Alex Perry’s Ash bralette is a fun number because of its bold colour, and needs to be worn by a woman of great confidence. We’re sure you know where to find her.

How to wear it: As part of a formal suit ensemble with heels
Where to wear it: Your Entrepreneur of the Year photoshoot
Price: Approx. THB 8530

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Mad Moiselle Intimates by Sabina

If you don’t know where to begin in your quest for a wardrobe full of bralettes, begin here. The lace bralette is as classic as they come, and is a timeless and elegant number to sport. Sexy, elegant, and sophisticated if worn right, the lace bralette is the ultimate must-have for the alluring seductress. Not to be confused with a lace bra (more revealing and more intimate), the lace bralette can peek through from under blouses and blazers without looking trashy. How can it manage that? Must be magic.

How to wear it: With an oversized blazer on top, maybe with biker shorts, maybe with big sneakers, definitely with hair tied back
Where to wear it: Speakeasy drinks (hopefully soon), romantic dinner (for now)
Price: THB 1390

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Simone Rocha Crystal-embellished Beaded Bralette

For those who like to be a little more artsy in their approach to the bralette, go for something more structural. We love Simone Rocha’s Crystal-embellished Beaded Bralette for this purpose, making it a fun item to pair with other pieces of clothing. Layered over a dress shirt as pictured, the bralette’s intricate detailing really gets to shine. You won’t have to wear much else. All eyes on the bralette.

How to wear it: On top of a crisp white shirt, as pictured
Where to wear it: Checking out a new art exhibition
Price: Approx. THB 36,885

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Jason Wu Twist-front Cutout Floral-print Hammered-satin Bralette

Taking us straight back to summers pre-Covid, the co-ord bralette is for lazy dressers who are seeking an easy outfit idea that always works. Matching top and bottom prints, the co-ord bralette is a fun way to break up the regular structure of a one-piece by flaunting that little piece of skin. We like the playful twist front of this Jason Wu number, and the wide straps that float fabulously behind you as you walk to get more champagne.

How to wear it: With the matching bottoms
Where to wear it: Golden hour cocktails
Price: Approx. THB 22,131

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Dries van Noten Embroidered Cotton-poplin Bralette

Remember those nights when we’d start at dinner and have no idea where the night would take us but we just kind of went with it? There’s a bralette for that. The fun bralette is the fool-proof bralette that will look good with almost any pairing, and is ready for adventure and good times. Here in a rendition by Dries van Noten, we love the intricately embroidered pattern on black cotton-poplin, contouring the shape of the female figure most beautifully.

How to wear it: Loose, flowing high-waisted pants
Where to wear it: Wherever the night may take you
Price: Approx. THB 14,259

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