Get in ladies, we’re getting vaccinated.

As vaccines are becoming more readily available in Bangkok, many of us are getting vaccinated to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet we wouldn’t be true Bangkokians if we didn’t make a fashion show of just about any occasion, and getting vaccinated is no exception.

As topics surrounding who got vaccinated, where they got vaccinated, and what they got vaccinated with are starting to take up most of our conversations, what to wear to get vaccinated is also an important topic. After all, aren’t you going to make an Instagram Reels of the experience?

Jokes aside or not really, here, we’ve rounded up some of the best one shoulder tops you could wear to get your jab. Baring one arm or baring both, they ensure you can proudly show off the hottest body parts you own this season: your shoulders. Read right on.

[Hero Image Credit: Papers; Featured Image Credit: Asv via Pomelo]


As temperatures continue to soar outside, opt for a light material to go get vaccinated. You never know how long you may have to wait. We love this 100% linen one-shoulder shirt by Thai brand Papers, which looks both edgy and sophisticated. Maybe you’re a busy urbanite. Maybe you can hop from your vaccine appointment straight into your business meeting. Very Bangkokian.

Pair with: A basket bag
Price: THB 1350

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For those who want to bring a bit more disco energy to their vaccination, this satin top by Lapointe may be a fun option. Boasting a vibrant turquoise hue, it’s reminiscent of all those summer vacations we’ve missed so dearly. The long ties at the neck give this top extra drama, so you can let it hang loose and drape behind you, or tie it into a bow.

Pair with: Pearl earrings, and pretend you’re at sea
Price: Approx. THB 30,498

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Maybe you’re not outside. Maybe you’re in an air-conditioned waiting room. If that’s the vibe, go for Philip Lim. This cold-shoulder sweater is made from a wool-blend that will keep you cosy — the unconventional way. We love the asymmetric neckline that exposes the shoulder in a way that looks effortless and very cool. You? Getting vaccinated? Like it’s hard?

Pair with: A chunky clutch, as pictured
Price: Approx. THB 11,853

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If the aura you want to exude for your vaccination is “goddess on-the-go,” this Missoni one-shoulder number is for you. The elegant shimmering gold Lurex is a timeless look that never fails, and brings a lot of powerful energy with it. With this top you even have options for which arm you’d like to get vaccinated. With this top you look like you could have it all.

Pair with: Wide-legged pants with a fun pattern
Price: Approx. THB 9870

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For those who don’t want to overdo it, keep it classy and keep it classic. We love Maison Essentiele’s collections for these purposes, and this silk-satin camisole is no exception. The delicate one-shoulder silhouette appears very feminine in this material, and the flow-y cut definitely has a relaxed charm about it. Wholesome. Tranquil.

Pair with: Denim jeans, and never fault a classic
Price: Approx. THB 6928

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For a more casual look, we always love pieces by Asv. The sister brand of Asava, this playful tee looks a little like you rolled up the sleeve yourself, with a fun pop of colour to jazz it all up. Youthful and summery, this top makes us feel like we’re ready for a road trip (after being fully vaccinated, of course).

Pair with: A statement tote
Price: THB 2990

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Some people want to show up to their vaccination appointment a little more understated, whilst others want to ensure everyone in the building knows they’ve arrived. This La Boutique top is for the latter. We’re obsessed with the massive bow across the front, which elegantly also acts as the single shoulder strap. Why not dress like a gift while giving yourself the gift of health?

Pair with: Half-moon shades, as pictured
Price: THB 2900

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Ending our list with a real #BossLady look, we’ve always wanted a reason to bring out this black pinstriped Vatanika number, and perhaps getting vaccinated to stop the spread of a pandemic is enough of a dramatic reason. Where business meets casual meets cool, we like the strong energy of this one-shoulder top, which has exactly the right attitude for us moving forward.

Pair with: The matching trousers
Price: THB 7250

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Lisa Gries
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